Sometimes I just want to smoke

Dealing with everyday stress of life is hard. Getting away from the grind for a bit with a pipe or cigar is a cure.
But what to smoke..

While our fathers and granfathers carried pouches or tins of Prince Albert, Middleton Cherry, Carter Hall, Field and Stream, or any of the numerous House of Windsor tobaccos, we also have some choices. All good tobaccos made for everyday no-nonsense smokes.

Over the last few weeks I too have been indulging in a few retro inspired blends that have been lurking in my cellar.
Sutliffs CD Blend (HOW Country Doctor inspired) Burley, Virginia, Latakia, Flake and Perique a nice all day no-nonsense smoke with a touch of spice for a relaxing keep refilling the cob smoke.
Sutliff BRG Blend (HOW Briggs inspired)-BUrley and VIrginia. another no-non-sense flavorful smoke that ya dont have to think about and tastes good all day. Whether with coffee, juice or an afternoon imbibement.. The tobacco is just there for you like a good friend.
H and H Trout Stream a great butterscoth flavored aromatic that is perfect while working in the workshop, fishing at the lake or just strolling to the Walmart for supplies..

Why do I bring these up on Cob Tuesday? Because not only do these tobaccos taste great in a cob but that is what a cob is for. A no-nonsense working mans pipe capable of handling any tobacco you fill it with and make it taste great..

When all you want do is smoke….
sweet smokes…

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