Billy Budd Blonde (dont waste the money)

As an avid smoker of the original Billy Budd I was ecstatic to see this new blend at my local B and M. After 2 bowls in the group 2 Savinelli that I used to use for BB I am not impressed.

The original Billy Budd was a dark brown black colored due to the mixture of A heavy Latakia presence with rough-cut Burley, bright Virginia flake, and a good amount of rough-cut cigar leaf. This was a mans smoke that I would thoroughly enjoy. I wish I could say the same for the sequel.

Billy Budd Blonde is a blend of bright Virginia flake, white Burley, chopped cigar leaf, and a touch of Perique. The perique is barely tasted in the first 2 bowls I have smoked and the lack of Latakia. makes this tobacco more like a Drug Store Blend of scrapple.

Now dont get me wrong many people will like this yuppified version, but this old codger isn’t impressed. I don’t think Sailorman Jack would be impressed either.

Its not an unpleasant smoke and the room note is quite nice. Another negative to its favor. As I was used to the cigar roommate and taste that wasn’t there.

Give it a try and comment below….

old man piper is back

While it has been quite some time since I have updated and added some content I am proud to say that is being rebooted. SO you will have some new content added as I find time.

For this little update I would like to suggest that you try Gawiths rope tobaccos. For those who are tired of aromatics, English’s, Vapers etc. rope tobaccos give you genuine tobacco taste without the fluffs. My current faves are brown 4, Black XX and happy brown bogie. For some smokers these are harsh and strong but if smoked slowly in a group 3 or larger the Tobys can be more than satisfying. For a quick smoke I prep them into a ribbony shag and smoke them in a group 1 bowl. A nice Nic hit with a lot of flavor. Goes nicely with a cup of strong coffee or a mug of twinings Irish Breakfast tea with a lump of sugar.

Together the Irish tabac and the Irish tea make a warm beginning to start the day.

AS I stated above we will be adding more content as time allows so let us start our spring together.

happy smokes

rereleases from Dunhill

Thank goodness Lord Alfred must be watching over the lands. 3 of the elder Dunhill tabacs have been re-released to the public. Ye Olde Signe, Dark Flake and 221-B Baker Street. The irony is that 221-B is only available in Europe while the other 2 are readily available in the states.
Ye Olde Signe is a richly fermented, straight Virginia in a fine ribbon cut. The process used to produce the tobacco creates a natural tea-like tin aroma and results in a natural-tasting tobacco that has a mellow sweetness and subtle aroma. In spite of the gentle flavor, this is a very robust blend best enjoyed after a meal. See for yourself why so many longtime Dunhill fans consider this one of their very finest.

Dark FLake Dunhill Flake’s bolder brother is once again available and offers a wonderful option for those who enjoy fuller-bodied, matured Virginias with a measure of zesty Perique. The brown and mahogany-colored flakes are easy to prepare in whatever method suits you. There’s a dark fruit sweetness to the tin note, along with hints of hay and tea. The flavor boasts a natural, toasty sweetness with tea, honey and a touch of white pepper. The flavor is richer than most Virginias, and the aroma is mellow and pleasant. But this is not a beginner’s blend. It is best enjoyed after a hearty meal when you have time to truly relax.

My Mixture 221-B Baker Street makes a triumphant return after a long hiatus. Nothing for beginners.
Top quality leaf is cut into a fine ribbon and produces a relatively mellow flavor and aroma, but make no mistake, this is a robust blend with plenty of strength. 221B Baker Street is strong enough to delight the Great Detective himself.

John Cottons Smyrma


When the boss says he left you a little something in his mailbox and says it was a bit balklany for his tastes. You know I had to try.
What I found was John Cottons Smyrma. Described as a combination of carefully matured Virginias, fragrant and zesty small-leaf Turkish tobaccos and plenty of Cyprian Latakia, John Cotton’s Smyrna is deep and bold, and a perfect meditative repast I was enchanted to give it a try.
Being a fan of 957, Balkan Delight and Bill Bailey’s Balkan Blend, Smyrma had to be both potent and flavorful. The tin aroma was pretty weak for a Balkan but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Loading up a Roma 3/4 bend, my usual Balkan pipe, I noticed it was a tad moist but workable. Lighting only took a few seconds with the Clipper. Smyrma was off to the races. The smokiness was there but the richness and spiciness lacked. I know that Russ is a master blender and all but in this tabac he cowered the Balkan down and made it more of a light English. Not impressive.
Smyrma makes a great all day not have to think about tobacco. And that is where it , in my opine, will go.
Into the pile of every day tobaccos.

sweet smokes

The Beast is coming on April 29

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.59.32 AM

Well it is now official Cornell and Diehl tobacco small batch is introducing their second tobacco in the series. While most of us old timers remember the old Pease tobacco Aleister and its later released GLPease Haddos Delight, C&D is releasing The Beast. Based on the legend of Crowleys mind expanding recipe of smoking straight Perique soaked in rum. Although the new blend will tone it down a bit. The smoke is said to be strong but not overpowering. It will be released in a small batch of 777 tins available April 29th thru online retailers.
We are definitely looking forward to this opportunity to relive days past.

AS always,
sweet smokes

Spring is in the air. And its time for Va/Pers

Spring is in the air…..
Its getting to be about time to put away the heavy English tabacs and wander the trails of the Va/Per. And of course there are many to choose from. Starting the spring was a tin of McClelland Black Shag (part of the Sherlock Holmes line). A light airy Va/Per that lights quick and is great for short lunts down the path. AS the days get longer Beacon is a tad heavier on the Per but is wonderful for those longer lunts.
Occasionally I do like a light English tabac for early morning so I enjoy a bit of the Frog Morton as I ponder the day. Light and a tad sweet with my coffee. A good start to the day at hand.
What do you all like on these early spring days.
til next time.
sweet smokes

old reliables are back in town

Over the last several weeks a couple of old favorites that had been not for sale in the states have come back. St Bruno Flake and St Bruno ready rubbed are now available stateside as are 3 varieties of Amphora. For those of who have been smokers for decades these tabacs were tasty drug store blends that we all smoked with glee. SO glad they have returned.
Also in the last few weeks I have rediscovered Sir Walter Raleigh and Captain Black Dark. The danish liqueur taste of the Raleigh and the coffee/chocolate undertones of the Captain make these tabacs quite tasty as an all day smoke.
Lastley over the last few months I have been reading alot of smokers and their affinity for Prince Albert, (PA) as it is publicized by smokers. As an inexpensive Drug Store non-aromatic blend that enchants our brother smokers. ONe oddity that I do not see or hear so much about is Drum blue and Drum yellow. Both shag tabacs that are marketed for roll your own cigs I find them comparable to Capatsn Blus and Capstan Yellow in flavor and nicotine. You might want to give them a try.

Until next time,
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Leprechauns Liqueur

If you are looking for something new and mild for this St Patricks Day than Leprechauns Liqueur from Tewksbury and company might be your answer. A blend of bright imported and domestic tobaccos. The blend is enhanced with an unmistakable flavor of Irish Cream liqueur to make it a one of a kind aromatic that we say is simply the cream of the crop. A smooth creamy blend that does not bite and is flavorful to the bottom of the bowl. Whether smoked in a cob, a clay, or even in a Peterson for the true experience.
sweet smokes

New tabac has arrived

at The rumor was true. Cabbies Mixture has arrived stateside as of Monday. It can be acquired at in the states or thru the danish pipe shop overseas/

Along with Cabbies Mixture also released in the states was a new Gawith tabac, Lakeland Dark. Described as a hearty tonquin-less variation on the famed (and very robust) 1792 Flake. Dark, smooth, and strong, it’s well suited to a satisfying after-meal smoke.
Another must try for the hearty pipe smoker.

DO not forget that we are only 10 days away from International Pipe Smokers Day.

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