a long strange trip its been

After my search for the Falcon came to fruition and i was finnaly able to enjoy the wonderous goodness of its chamber with Erinmore mixture and then soms St Brun Flake. I began to think a long term relationship was forming. Then on Monday two weeks past I was coming home from my lab feeling chipper but a shad short winded . I came home had dinner and took a FLexorall for my aching back. It woud not stop spasmming . I called 911 who cam out and took me to the ER . Appaently I had suffered a heart attack. They ran tests and even tried a simpls stent but to no avail.
I was transported to another hospital where I was poked and prodded and it was determined that I had 2 closed arteries and 2 with significant narrowing. Surgery was scheduled for the following Thursday.
After 2 weeks in hospital I came home this past Thursday for a recuperation.
Or so i thought. With the family either at the hospital or at home resting befroe coming back the yard became a nightmare. Overgroown and in need of work.
SOon after I came home on thursday, Friday morning to be exact We recieved a 5 day notice from the neighborhood to moe, trim trees, pull weeds etc.. After 2 weeks of my disabled wife and myself in need of recuperation this occurs. The 3 kids gathered aroiund and with the help of a local pipe and cigar brother we are able to bring it under control. FOR NOW.
Where are the days of empathetics and neighborly people. I find them amongst pipe smkoers, cigar smokers but not in the general populus. A sad state of society do we have. Whils I do not get to enjpy the taste of fine tabacs any longer I will never leave the pipe community and the comraderies I have enjoyed..
sweet smokes

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