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Altadis Z50 Black Cordial
According to the online description:
Black Cordial represents a new generation of pipe tobacco. It’s a blend of four varied and unusual Black fire-cured grades with added highlights of Sweet Virginias and topped with a rich and fragrant cordial liqueur. This is the perfect end to a long day.

After the long day of chilly weather I had today smoking Middleton Cherry for a 5-6 bowls during the day, and Sutliff Field Master on the way home I was enamored by this little gem as I came in and put up my coat. Opening the pouch I was greeted with the warm scent of cherry liqueur while noticing the dark black tobacco and bright yellow virginias graciously inviting me to partake.

As I was deciding in to which pipe I would indulge this relaxation smoke, I noticed the little briar billiard on the label of the Edward G Robinson blend I also received today. So that is the pipe I removed from the rack.

I opened the pouch and slid the bowl into the pouch fingering the moist tobacco into a loose pack bowl since the tobacco was moist.. Figuring it would be a hard light I snagged my BIC and began to light.

Lighting the bowl was easy and after a few warming puffs the flavor of the cherry emerged.. The room note of this is cordial cherry, not the usual Nyquil Cherry that comes from other OTC tobaccos. The flavors meld nicely with the fire cured and the virginias topped with the cordial liqueur making for a relaxing smoke.. all the way to the bottom of the bowl. I am now ready to face the evening in a more relaxed state of mind.

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