Applying Carnuba wax

I am rather new at this stuff, so here goes. After I’ve polished the bowl with carnuba wax, it looks really good, but I can rub off the carnuba with my hands. Am I applying the carnuba too thickly, or not buffing enough?


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  1. irish

    Have you stained the pipe and are applying wax or applying wax to already stained pipe to keep it looking good? If it is the latter, I have applyed the wax(sometimes so I can actually see it on the pipe). Then will use a buffing wheel to work it in. I have not experienced wax coming off on my hand after I buffed the pipe. It may be that you need to work the wax in a little longer.

  2. jjfocus

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  3. 67C2

    If you used a brick like hard chunk of carnauba wax with the buffing machine, and could have the luster you wish, I think it is okay.
    But if you appried the carnauba wax with the much more soft, such as the one for automotive use ( Mothers brand has such ) and
    the wax is geting off with your fingers and hands, you put it too much and not polished enough.
    A little caunauba goes a long way. So use sparingly, wait until it gets white and dry, and then polish with the soft cotton towel of
    the polishing cloth would do.
    Also the film of carnauba wax is thin as in mils. But the film is strong and so you can bring the luster back with the extra polishing.
    But if not having the expected results as you wish, it is better to apply the hard pure form carnauba with the buffing machine. If you
    don’t have that, have the go size vice and the electric drill wth the buffing wheel and attachment. Place the vice on the bench or the
    work table, set the wheel plate and the buffing material. Then turn the switch on, apply the wax to the buffing wheel first and then
    push the pipe onto the circulating buffer and see how it works. The wax gets on to the surface much stronger. But still the film is thin.
    A little was goes a long way.

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