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Tobacco Beetle


This was a first for me. I lit a really tasty cigar, but the draw was terrible. I could tell there was a really good taste underlying what I was getting, which was mostly air. After taken both bands off, I spotted an almost perfectly round hole on one side, you can see it the picture above. The hole was hidden under one of the bands, though I’ll guess this wasn’t intentional. Covering it up with a finger made everything good, though my finger did get a bit hot. Thought I’d share in case someone else has a similar, initially perplexing situation.

Join us on the new forum

After a lot of effort, the forums are back online (using a new system) at  Please join us for lively conversations about all things pipes and tobacco.  As always, your contributions and feedback are greatly appreciated!

Collection of pipes

Hello, September 12, 2013 will be put on sale an exceptional collection of antique pipes in meerschaum, wood, briar and clay. This sale will take place in Nice (France) in the Auction Room of Masters Fede & Palloc, as well as on the site. presents this collection. At this address, you can visit the very detailed exhibition of the sale (more than 1000 photos) with the estimates of Arnaud Thomasson, expert in Paris: Thank you for spending some of your time to the reading of this e-mail. Best regards, Marc Timsit

A little help?

Is there anyone out there willing to help run this site? It was one of the first sites on the internet, regardless of content. When it was created 20 years ago, I had one job and no kids. Now, I have three of each. Please volunteer to help run things, there is plenty that can be done, and things that haven’t been imagined that should be done. Thanks!

The Forums are being upgraded…

The forums should be working. I’m still sorting through all the archives, but if you click on the main topics, you will be taken to the newest posts. If you only had a login for the forums, it should still work. If you had logins for both the main site and the forums, you might have to go through the password retrieval process. Sorry for the pain all this causes, but we really couldn’t continued to run on the software we were using before. Thanks!