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Welcome to the new(est)!

This site has been around in one incarnation or another since September, 1994.  Originally, I did everything by hand, using only ‘vi’ and ‘make’ for Unix aficionados.  In circa 2004, I moved the site to a content management system (CMS) as the amount of data had grown to large for me to manage manually.  Well, that CMS is no longer actively used or supported, so I installed WordPress and am in the process of moving everything to it.  I’m hoping to expand the topics and contributions from you (there are over 5,000 registered users!)  So, please contribute where you can.  If there is something you’d like to see, let me know.  Thanks for all your support through the years!

Ce n’est pas de moi

I’ve never viewed this site as being about me… So: what would you like to be for you? I’ve taken a new job and hope to spend a little more time around these parts. Would you like a vanity email address Your own web site here? What is your vision for this place, that has now be around for almost 16 years? Thanks!

a BURNING question…

So I’m a new pipe-smoker and have a question. I’ve learned how to pack a pipe, light it, keep it lit, all that important stuff. My problem is that my mouth is getting burned! Would this be the result of a poor pipe, the tobacco, user error, etc? It’s put a bit of a damper on my first pipe smoking experience and I know that there wouldn’t be so many pipe-enthusiasts out there if it meant cooking your taste buds off. Some help would be incredibly appreciated!


This site has many people to thank for its rich content.

Mike Penix is doing a great job of keeping track of all the links

Jim Beard and Melvin Schwartz do wonderful work keeping the discussion groups running.

Marc Fargas of the Barcelona Pipa Club ( is kindly donated a server for the discussions.

Tony Coronado deserves many thanks for sponsoring the web space and helping keep everything running.

Before Tony, Vince Callaway generously sponsored the site.

Steve Masticola ran the Pipes Digest for many years which was the initial inspiration for the site.

If I’ve missed thanking you, please let me know and I’ll be happy to add you! Continue reading