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Apologies for the delays

Due to work constraints, summertime events and the untimely health issues of one of our contributors posts and new content have been delayed. We apologize for these scenarios and hope to be back up in full swing shortly. IN the meantime I am adding a post on ecigs that was done before our reporter fell ill.. He is better now. Welcome back Ped.

a taste of summer


Sutliff Tobacco Company – Taste of Summer (Sutliff Private Stock)

Delicious mixture of Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish flavored with Peaches.

Brand Sutliff Tobacco Company
Blended By Carl McCallister
Manufactured By Sutliff Tobacco Company
Blend Type Aromatic
Contents Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
Flavoring Peach
Cut Ribbon
Packaging 1.5 oz tin
Country US
Production Currently available

Tin note: outstanding, just like peach cobbler.

Cut is nice and loose, very easy to pack. My tin was not overly cased or damp. The blend of Virgina, burley and cavendish is well balanced; I wish there was more cavendish and less burley, as I tend to smoke pretty fast and always get bit (but this is my own stupid fault). It smokes fine, down to white ash; I always get dottle but again, I smoke too fast and it doesn’t really bother me.

This is a nice aromatic if you want a fruit flavor that is not the standard cherry. The taste is pretty light, so I was a little disappointed that it didn’t taste as good as it smelled. It bored me petty quick; after half the tin, I put it on the shelf for 8 months. When I smoke it now, the peach taste is much stronger, so I would definitely recommend aging this for a while. To Sutliff’s credit, their little tins really do keep the baccy fresh for a long time, I have had good luck with popping them open for a whiff, then letting them sit for a few months.


Reddog Pipes


When a maker contacts you after you post on a social media site and says “You can smoke the hell out of my pipe” I am definitely interested. So it was when I posted about a custom cob with 45 caliber shank that i have where the casing gets hots after a few bowls. I was curious to see if anyone else had these issues. The responses I got were few.. One maker suggested that I look in the bowl and see if there was any wood between the bowl and the casing shank.. It appeared that the casing went to the bowl with no wood in between. This was deemed to be the cause of the heat issue since there was no buffer. This maker who assisted me was Basil Meadows of Reddog Pipes.

Basil sent me the above pipe that I can smoke the hell out of and to see if I notices a difference. Well let me tell you. I put this pipe thru Ben hell yesterday smoking 8 bowls in a 12 hour period only to switch up with one of my logs for lunch. Let me tell you even in the 95 degree heat and smoking English tabac and Virginias the casing did not get hot.. Warm yes but not like the other.

This pipe is high quality, all fittings tight and looks definitely solid as a new member of my rotation. Welcome young cob.

Check out Basil on Facebook or visit his site at
I am giving it a rest today on Cob Tuesday but do not fret. I am smoking my Missouri Meer Hardwood and have a Riccardo Santia Corndog in my holster to switch up with.

Sweet smokes

Bandit PIpes

A new online biz has gone live.. call the sheriff. A group of unconventional pipers has joined the fray offering everything from pipes to tshirts to artwork to infinity and beyond.. is very happy to give them a shout. CHeck them out..
Bandit Pipes is a member oriented community that features pipe carvers, cob modifiers, and visual artists who are creating work exclusive to Bandit Pipes. The original art, accessories, and pipes that will be made available are one-of-a-kind and were created specifically with our vision of the pipe world in mind. That vision includes passion, independence, and the unconventional. you can also find them on Facebook under banditpipes

happy Friday

Oscar Cellado up and coming


A few weeks ago while roaming thru my Facebook feed I came across an interesting innovation in our lifestyle.. Yes we have pipes and yes we have cigars but I saw this cigar pipe that Oscar was showing.. An already upcoming pipe maker, the pipe cigar is a new innovation for him. SO I contacted him and he offered to send me one for review. Always interested in innovative smoking utensils I keenly awaited its arrival. When it arrived, the cigar pipe had my initials engraved as the band and an accompanying ash tray, a cigar and matches were included.. To me presentation is wonderful but its the utensil first and foremost.
Made from maple the cigar is well crafted, the tabac chamber smooth and the bit is much like the old cigar bit we would use in the old days.. A solid piece of wood.

In my discussion online Oscar said that the issues with heat are much like a true cigar, therefore the band is well placed so you would hold the cigar behind the band.. Being a clencher by habit, the pipe filled with tabac felt like the weight felt like a 50 band cigar. Easily managed. And yes the pipe remained cool.
For its initial smoke I loaded it full with Sutliff 957 and used a charring light to get it started. Very nice. With only two more lights the bowl went straight thru without relight all the way down to the last 1/4 inch.. A very cool dry and flavorfulsmoke from an awesome device.
Cleaning out the remaining dottle of which there was little was a breeze and the pipe cleaner did its job nicely. I filled it again with some Sutliff Breckinridge, a no-nonsense tabac, and again enjoyed this pipe as a cigar replacement.
I have used it several times this last week in place of a cigar during the work day and with ne’er a problem. The chamber is getting a little cake which is good and this will definitely be an addition to my rotation for when i want a cigar during the day.
Not being a fan of aromatics I would presume that there may be an issue with the moisture and gurgle but I have not experimented with that. I will update this post in comments with updates.
Feel free to contact Oscar thru the facebook page or thru comments here and I or he will respond.

sweet smokes

New Cuba Maduro


I have been smoking these off and on the last several months and they definitely fit into our under 4 dollar sticks both for smoke time and taste.
When it comes to cigar making, the folks at Casa Fernandez are definitely all in. From planting to harvesting to aging, fermenting, blending, and rolling, their vertical integration ensures freshness and flavor with every cigar they produce. Are they control freaks? Heck, yeah! But who cares when the end result is a smoke like the New Cuba Robusto with its spicy Corojo wrapper and premium combo fillers from authentic Cuban seeds. We say, control all you want as long as you bring us more of the good stuff!

And at $2.25 a stick it makes for a nice 30 minute smoke.
sweet smokes

Sutliff 1849 update


Since I received this pre-release a few months ago and did my initial review I thought I would give an update. The tin has been sitting in my cellar relaxing enjoying the cool dry temps while I have been suffering thru the heat. I decided this morning that I wanted a plain VaPer for my daily smoke today so I snagged the cellring tin..
Still moist as it was when I first popped the tin I filled the bowl of new cob with a nice amount of the tabac. Letting it dry a bit while I showered and prepared for the morning commute.
Lighting the bowl as I left the house I noticed the perique was more at the forefront where the virginias were there earlier. After a few puffs it seetled in to what I have to say was a perect smoke. SO much so that I filled another bowl and enjoyed it thoroughly on the rest of my commute to the lab.
This tabac is truly an exceptional VaPer. Even beter with a tad of aging.
sweet smokes

Te-Amo Monday

Te – Amo Revolution Cigar.

Size: 5 1/4 x 56
Wrapper: San Andres Habano
Binder: San Andres Corojo
Filler: Nicaraguan, San Andres Negro, San Andres Corojo
Strength: Medium
Body: Full
Flavor: Full

This was a cigar which surprised me in a good way. Apart from it being rather rectangle in shape which helped holding the cigar in your hand or in mouth it was a pleasant smoke for a Te – Amo . The Band of cigar is somewhat funky and modern with just one word on it Revolution nothing on the cigar referring to Te-Amo at all. The wrapper is a medium brown with moderate veins and not much oil to it. The wrapper of the Te- Amo Revolution has notes of spice, wood, and grass. The foot has a scent which is a blend of spices, grass, and a very light floral tone. it does also produce a cool smoke. So once you have the foot off the cigar you do get a nice draw with plentiful smoke, the spices do warm up the palate a bit and you get that flavor of cedar working as well. The ash holds well and the cigar does burn razor sharp which again surprised me . Coming down in to the cigar the ash does become flaky but still has a nice even burn and no correction is required. Some earthiness has joined the profile of the spices and cedar however on the whole it’s very much still the same profile. The last part of the cigar we have hit a peppery note, the sweetness is out of there but the earthiness and the spices remain. The ash firms up during this third, the burn is sharp, and the draw still provides a nice full body of smoke. The Te-Amo Revolution smokes cool to the nub with consistent flavor. Considering I am not a Te – Amo fan I pleasantly enjoyed this cigar, an easy going cigar with no work required to keep it burning and the various profile changes in the stick kept it interesting to the nub.

Te – Amo No 4

The Te – Amo is all Mexican, Wrapper, binder and Filler so you could call it a Puro if you wanted too. This cigar is normally what harsh, good way to over come this is ask how long it´s been sitting in the humidor for ,otherwise leave it yourself in a humidor and it will cut the edge off a little. There is a nice strong outdoor woodsy odor that compliments the thick gray smoke. The taste calmed down from harsh to spicy, like mild chilies. The draw on it is somewhat firm but that is ok . What I am not going to do is start having a tantrum over this stick, it is a budget cigar and deserves to be on the top 10 under $2 list. I will however have my rant about the label which is glued onto the cigar , it´s almost ripped the binder off. Wither it be a cheap or expensive cigar there is no excuse no these sort bands. The Cigar smokes in at round 40 minutes I don´t suggest you smoke it to far down after the band , it sort of drifts into a nasty taste.

sweet smokes

Editorial Question on FDA rulings

we recd this and thought thought we would share. The big tabac company’s and cigars manufacturers are working diligently to respond. Check it out..

Hi, My name is Joe and I’m working with to help inform people about the new potential FDA regulations on cigars and other tobacco products. I appreciate your site’s devotion to cigars and would like to have your site link to: in order to help spread the word about this cause to your audience so that we can work together to preserve the right to enjoy cigars. This page will be frequently updated with new information as it becomes available. This web page describes the proposed FDA regulations on cigars and contains a guide to help people take action in the easiest and most effective way possible. The FDA has recently issued deeming regulations that are going to cause major changes in the way cigars and OTP are manufactured and sold. Famous Smoke Shop is committed to raising awareness among the entire smoking community to ensure the continued future of the hobby. Famous Smoke Shop is one of the largest cigar mail order businesses in the United States. Famous Smoke Shop offers a wide variety of cigars from around the world as well as accessories required for cigar use. Feel free to check it out: I would be happy to hear from you at the contact information below. We need everyone’s help in the community to make sure the impact of these regulations is as small as possible. Thank you for your time today- I certainly appreciate it. Please let me know if you have any questions. Take care, Joe ————- Joe Mazanec Performics on behalf of Famous Smoke 111 E. Wacker Chicago, IL 60601 Phone: 312.777.4559 Email: [email protected] ____________________________________________

sweet smokes