Ava Maria Knights Templar


by P. A van de Gevel
One of my favorite cigars has to be the Ava Maria Knights Templar cigars. Currently not available in the EU I have to get them imported from the United States or whenever I am over in the states pick up a box.

There is something magical about holding these cigars for me, not because I am a Templar but because I feel they are a well made cigar.
First lets look at the band of the cigar. I know many great cigars with cheap paper bands on it and while that does not effect the quality of the cigar I think it some what lessens the beauty of the stick. Ava Maria has an outstanding artistic large band on it. it’s a band that makes a statement. It looks like something Andy Warhol could have designed for an gallery piece.
The dark brown wrapper of the cigar is flawless with a few visible veins exactly as an Ecuador Habano wrapper should be and the construction bang on, it demands respect .
Ava Maria’s come in Bellicose, Churchill, Corona, Double Corona, Gorodo, President, Robust, Solomon and Toro. I on this occasion have a Churchill. I always toast my cigar before cutting it allowing the flavors to build in side the cigar when the cigars is smoking and glowing at the edges I am ready to cut off the cap always with a guillotine cutter just above the seam and then I puff and light it fully.
The start of it is a bit rough to say the least but hey history has it the Templar’s had it rough at the start as well. But there’s enough spice in it ( Like the spices of the Holy Lands ) too keep you smoking it.
The false puff lasted all of 3 to 4 puffs but enough to make an impact on me. After the rough start the flavors really come out. A pleasant balanced flavor of wood and hay and about half way in to a more wood and leather combination which maybe too bitter with out the hint of sweetness in there. The complexity lies within the middle of the cigar without a doubt.
It is not a mild cigar , but not strong an cigar that holds it’s flavor all the way threw. The flavor is smooth and rich, balanced with a refined complex taste. A great cigar to smoke with a peaty Whisky. The ash holds even and well on the stick a sheer sign of good construction.
This cigar comes in at $10 per stick I believe. The appearance of it makes it look like a $30 cigar without a doubt. If your a mild cigar smoker and wanting to try something a little different but not too strong or if your a full body person who is wanting to change a bit I cannot recommend the Ava Maria line enough.

Ped is a friend and longtime cigar and Pipe smoker. He has agreed to offer occasional reviews for pipes.org and is a welcome addition to the pipes.org family.

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