Billy Budd Blonde (dont waste the money)

As an avid smoker of the original Billy Budd I was ecstatic to see this new blend at my local B and M. After 2 bowls in the group 2 Savinelli that I used to use for BB I am not impressed.

The original Billy Budd was a dark brown black colored due to the mixture of A heavy Latakia presence with rough-cut Burley, bright Virginia flake, and a good amount of rough-cut cigar leaf. This was a mans smoke that I would thoroughly enjoy. I wish I could say the same for the sequel.

Billy Budd Blonde is a blend of bright Virginia flake, white Burley, chopped cigar leaf, and a touch of Perique. The perique is barely tasted in the first 2 bowls I have smoked and the lack of Latakia. makes this tobacco more like a Drug Store Blend of scrapple.

Now dont get me wrong many people will like this yuppified version, but this old codger isn’t impressed. I don’t think Sailorman Jack would be impressed either.

Its not an unpleasant smoke and the room note is quite nice. Another negative to its favor. As I was used to the cigar roommate and taste that wasn’t there.

Give it a try and comment below….

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