Billy Budd


Brand: Cornell & Diehl
Blend: #412A Billy Budd
Description: A heavy Latakia blend with rough cut Burley, bright Virginia flake and a good amount of rough cut cigar leaf. Created for our late friend Sailorman Jack.
Country: US
Cure: Air Cured
Cut: Coarse Cut
Tobaccos: Latakia, Virginia, Burley, Cigar Leaf
Strength: Medium-Full
Taste: Smoky, Slightly Sweet
Room Note: Tolerable to Unpleasant

Like a cigar in the morning but prefer the pipe.. This is my go to 1st pipe of the day.. I dont buy this in tins as I smoke alot of it.. I buy this in bulk. sweet and tasty tobacco with a nice Nicotine buzz to get the body going.
Really goes good with Yuban Pacific Coast Blend on typical mornings or with DeathWish COffee on those “special” mornings.
Sweet Monday morning.

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