Breaking in my new Castello kkk sea rock

Hello pipe smokers,

I am new here and just recently got into this wonderful hobby. Pipe smoking has become my go to relaxation activity after work. I have a good friend who got me started a couple months ago and I have not looked back since.

I started my journey out with two new Savinellis, a Roma Canadian, and straight Octavio. They both smoke great and were easy to break in. They had precarbonized bowls and I did not notice anything but wonderful tobacco tastes since my first puffs.

Anyways last week I took the plunge into the world of Castello because I had read many places they are great smokers and personally I feel they have by far the best rustication on any pipe. So I bought a brand new one from my local tobacconist and have been smoking my favourite lat blends (Skiff and Nightcap). I have only smoked 4 or 5 bowls but am noticing quite an intense wood note. Though I dont find it unpleasant I am finding it intrusive, Will this note last? The pipe is smoking great and does not seem to ever overheat. Aside from the wood note I am in love but am hoping the note will die down. Anyone out there with more experience than me able to leave some advice?


One thought on “Breaking in my new Castello kkk sea rock

  1. oldmanpiper

    thanx for coming on over and posting. As with any new pipe the break in takes a while.. As some cake forms in the bowl the wood taste will subside. A small price to pay for a wonderful acquisition.
    Happy smoking

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