Broken pipe: Giancarlo Guidi

I just heard that Giancarlo Guidi of Ser Jacopo pipes passed away. Smoke a bowl in his honor!

One thought on “Broken pipe: Giancarlo Guidi

  1. DukeofWestwood

    I am seeking original Flying Dutchman pipe tobacco in unopened sealed tins to recapture a nostalgic moment from my beginning pipe smoking days in the late 1960’s. Anyone that might have the above for sale please email me at once and "make my day". My first pipe tobacco and my regular tobacco in the late 1960’s and through the 1970’s was Flying Dutchman. Cannot seem to find it anywhere. There are a couple of not so good knockoffs that just don’t match up.
    This is one of those "sure hope someone has a tin or two sitting around in their tobacco cellar" pipe dreams. Any help would be appreciated.
    All the best to my brethren of the briar!

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