Buying Pipes Online

The pipe-sellers in my area have all dried up, so recently I made my first on-line purchase from one of the popular pipes-and-cigars websites. I ordered a medium-priced pipe (a Petersen). After I finished my first smoke, I couldn’t get a pipe cleaner through it; the hole in the wood was way off-center. I inspected my store-bought Petersens, and all the holes were dead center. So I asked for an exchange, and they graciously provided one. But the replacement was almost as bad (I had to twist the pipe cleaner), the engraved name was barely legible, and the gold on the “P” was half-missing. It’s hard to believe that a reputable firm like Petersen would let poorly-crafted pipes like these out of the factory as “firsts.”

Question: Are these large online dealers above selling seconds or knock-offs without identifying them as such? I’m hesitant to order online again.

Titus Bonafair

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