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West Coast Pipe Show

For all of you visiting the West Coast Pipe SHow in Las Vegas this weekend please stop by the Ventulus Pipes table. This a new venture of our leader Steve. He is a distributor for Don Carlos Pipes.
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Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival reminder


Don’t forget that the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival is just under a month away and will be there to cover it in words and pics. IN attendance will be a large representation of cigar Lounges, tobacconists, cigar manufacturers, brewers, wine makers and local distillers. Oh yes and of course, food.. Also cars,billiards and some of our other lifestyle vendors.
Visit for more info and to acquire tickets..

a long strange trip its been

After my search for the Falcon came to fruition and i was finnaly able to enjoy the wonderous goodness of its chamber with Erinmore mixture and then soms St Brun Flake. I began to think a long term relationship was forming. Then on Monday two weeks past I was coming home from my lab feeling chipper but a shad short winded . I came home had dinner and took a FLexorall for my aching back. It woud not stop spasmming . I called 911 who cam out and took me to the ER . Appaently I had suffered a heart attack. They ran tests and even tried a simpls stent but to no avail.
I was transported to another hospital where I was poked and prodded and it was determined that I had 2 closed arteries and 2 with significant narrowing. Surgery was scheduled for the following Thursday.
After 2 weeks in hospital I came home this past Thursday for a recuperation.
Or so i thought. With the family either at the hospital or at home resting befroe coming back the yard became a nightmare. Overgroown and in need of work.
SOon after I came home on thursday, Friday morning to be exact We recieved a 5 day notice from the neighborhood to moe, trim trees, pull weeds etc.. After 2 weeks of my disabled wife and myself in need of recuperation this occurs. The 3 kids gathered aroiund and with the help of a local pipe and cigar brother we are able to bring it under control. FOR NOW.
Where are the days of empathetics and neighborly people. I find them amongst pipe smkoers, cigar smokers but not in the general populus. A sad state of society do we have. Whils I do not get to enjpy the taste of fine tabacs any longer I will never leave the pipe community and the comraderies I have enjoyed..
sweet smokes

Schizo maduro


These are so new they arent even on any of the retailers websites yet. But they are fabulous. OIly dark and delicious. As a fan of the original Schizo cigar I was surprised as hell when I went to the local B and M for a refill stock and found these in the rack.
Oh yeah. Excited I was. Being a fan of maduros I bought a few and had one cut for me to enjoy on my walk. A man could not ask for a better lunch. And at about 3 bucks a stick this is definitely a worthy inclusion to your humidor.
happy smokes.

Chicago Pipe Show this weekend.

All of those viewers in the area of Chicago should head on over to the show and enjoy its wares. Great time for both newbies and the old timers. UNfortunately I will not be in attendance so if anyone wants to send pohotos and reminisces from the show feel free to post them on the FB page or in the forums.
Also a heads up will be at the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival on August 23 at the Omni Interlocken Hotel in Broomfield. We will be looking forward to seeing many of our locals there
Sweet smokes

Heinrichs Special Curly

I know it has been a while since we post last but alas. Winter had found me in ill health and the palate was off it mark. With spring arriving both my health and my palate are on the up and thus I am able to get back to offering my palate for new wonders.
For those of us who were lucky enough to have enjoyed the old 3 nuns, and its Perique goodness, I have found an alternative. My friends across the pond suggested I give Special Curly a whirl. I have and I am hooked.
The paint can tin opens nicely to a ready to smoke mound of curly tabac disks ready to fill the bowl. The scent of plum and pepper is awesome and a reminder of days past. No drying time needed.
Fill the bowl loosely, pinky tamp and light. The simplicity of it all.
Sit back and enjoy the smoke. Smell the smoke and reminisce of days past when the scent of three nuns encompassed the smoking room.
Having enjoyed Heinrichs Dark Strong and now this I do believe a few more of Heinrichs tabacs will be gracing my cellar. Available in a 100g tin I do believe a few more of these will be acquired for the summer smoking season.
sweet and peppery smokes

2015 news from Mac Baren: Bold Kentucky!

bold kentucky


Virginia and Dark Fired Kentucky. Hot pressed tobacco cut into slices (Flakes). Due to the special process of adding steam during pressing the different tobaccos merry into a very unique taste which is smoky and full of the natual taste from the tobaccos.

This is the strongest pipe tobacco among the blends in the Mac Baren range and is not recommended for inexperienced pipe smokers. HH Bold Kentucky contains a high amount of the finest Dark Fired Kentucky from the USA and Africa and is combined with bright Virginias to soften the taste just a bit. Still the taste is of earthiness and smoke plays the major part with just a slight nuance of sweetness as the underlying taste. The origin of the taste is in the leaf itself and thanks to the hot press the different tastes merry into one unique taste. Like all the other HH blends this blend has only an absolute minimum of casing and no top flavour at all.

Tobacco: Dark Fired Kentucky (Africa & USA) and Virginia (Brazil & USA) Type: English Style Cut: Slices/Flakes Strength/flavour: Full-bodied tobacco with a natural, light smoky taste of Dark Fired Kentucky Characteristics: An absolute minimum of casing and no top flavour at all. A more natural tasting tobacco .

sweet smokes and happy Friday

IPSD 2015

Happy IPSD to all of our BOTL and SOTL this fine Friday. Here is hoping you are all lunting, lunching, relaxing, shoveling, driving, skiing etc. on this festive occasion. And do not forget the smoking.
sweet smokes