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Apologies for the delays

Due to work constraints, summertime events and the untimely health issues of one of our contributors posts and new content have been delayed. We apologize for these scenarios and hope to be back up in full swing shortly. IN the meantime I am adding a post on ecigs that was done before our reporter fell ill.. He is better now. Welcome back Ped.

a taste of summer


Sutliff Tobacco Company – Taste of Summer (Sutliff Private Stock)

Delicious mixture of Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish flavored with Peaches.

Brand Sutliff Tobacco Company
Blended By Carl McCallister
Manufactured By Sutliff Tobacco Company
Blend Type Aromatic
Contents Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
Flavoring Peach
Cut Ribbon
Packaging 1.5 oz tin
Country US
Production Currently available

Tin note: outstanding, just like peach cobbler.

Cut is nice and loose, very easy to pack. My tin was not overly cased or damp. The blend of Virgina, burley and cavendish is well balanced; I wish there was more cavendish and less burley, as I tend to smoke pretty fast and always get bit (but this is my own stupid fault). It smokes fine, down to white ash; I always get dottle but again, I smoke too fast and it doesn’t really bother me.

This is a nice aromatic if you want a fruit flavor that is not the standard cherry. The taste is pretty light, so I was a little disappointed that it didn’t taste as good as it smelled. It bored me petty quick; after half the tin, I put it on the shelf for 8 months. When I smoke it now, the peach taste is much stronger, so I would definitely recommend aging this for a while. To Sutliff’s credit, their little tins really do keep the baccy fresh for a long time, I have had good luck with popping them open for a whiff, then letting them sit for a few months.


Reddog Pipes


When a maker contacts you after you post on a social media site and says “You can smoke the hell out of my pipe” I am definitely interested. So it was when I posted about a custom cob with 45 caliber shank that i have where the casing gets hots after a few bowls. I was curious to see if anyone else had these issues. The responses I got were few.. One maker suggested that I look in the bowl and see if there was any wood between the bowl and the casing shank.. It appeared that the casing went to the bowl with no wood in between. This was deemed to be the cause of the heat issue since there was no buffer. This maker who assisted me was Basil Meadows of Reddog Pipes.

Basil sent me the above pipe that I can smoke the hell out of and to see if I notices a difference. Well let me tell you. I put this pipe thru Ben hell yesterday smoking 8 bowls in a 12 hour period only to switch up with one of my logs for lunch. Let me tell you even in the 95 degree heat and smoking English tabac and Virginias the casing did not get hot.. Warm yes but not like the other.

This pipe is high quality, all fittings tight and looks definitely solid as a new member of my rotation. Welcome young cob.

Check out Basil on Facebook or visit his site at
I am giving it a rest today on Cob Tuesday but do not fret. I am smoking my Missouri Meer Hardwood and have a Riccardo Santia Corndog in my holster to switch up with.

Sweet smokes

Bandit PIpes

A new online biz has gone live.. call the sheriff. A group of unconventional pipers has joined the fray offering everything from pipes to tshirts to artwork to infinity and beyond.. is very happy to give them a shout. CHeck them out..
Bandit Pipes is a member oriented community that features pipe carvers, cob modifiers, and visual artists who are creating work exclusive to Bandit Pipes. The original art, accessories, and pipes that will be made available are one-of-a-kind and were created specifically with our vision of the pipe world in mind. That vision includes passion, independence, and the unconventional. you can also find them on Facebook under banditpipes

happy Friday

New Cuba Maduro


I have been smoking these off and on the last several months and they definitely fit into our under 4 dollar sticks both for smoke time and taste.
When it comes to cigar making, the folks at Casa Fernandez are definitely all in. From planting to harvesting to aging, fermenting, blending, and rolling, their vertical integration ensures freshness and flavor with every cigar they produce. Are they control freaks? Heck, yeah! But who cares when the end result is a smoke like the New Cuba Robusto with its spicy Corojo wrapper and premium combo fillers from authentic Cuban seeds. We say, control all you want as long as you bring us more of the good stuff!

And at $2.25 a stick it makes for a nice 30 minute smoke.
sweet smokes

Sutliff 1849 update


Since I received this pre-release a few months ago and did my initial review I thought I would give an update. The tin has been sitting in my cellar relaxing enjoying the cool dry temps while I have been suffering thru the heat. I decided this morning that I wanted a plain VaPer for my daily smoke today so I snagged the cellring tin..
Still moist as it was when I first popped the tin I filled the bowl of new cob with a nice amount of the tabac. Letting it dry a bit while I showered and prepared for the morning commute.
Lighting the bowl as I left the house I noticed the perique was more at the forefront where the virginias were there earlier. After a few puffs it seetled in to what I have to say was a perect smoke. SO much so that I filled another bowl and enjoyed it thoroughly on the rest of my commute to the lab.
This tabac is truly an exceptional VaPer. Even beter with a tad of aging.
sweet smokes

Brick House Maduro

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 1.40.41 PM

This is the new and darker version of the Brick House cigar you know and love. The former is a 92-rated beauty that earned itself a place on the “Best 25 Cigars of 2010” list. Now, Brick House Maduro takes things down a dark and spicy path, and I assuredly enjoyed the stroll in the 85 degree Friday.

Julius Caeser Newman immigrated to the US in 1888 with the intention of achieving the elusive “American Dream.” The Brick House line was launched to honor his family memories, and the original blend was comprised solely of Cuban tobacco. Eric and Bobby Newman, third generation cigar-makers looking to keep the tradition alive, utilize an aged blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos to replicate the amazing taste and smoothness that has become synonymous with the Brick House name.

Brick House Maduro is fuller in body than its predecessor, and features a dark and toothy Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper layered over a blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers and a Nicaraguan binder. Notes of cocoa and sweetness, and a big, bold overall flavor profile. This gorgeous handmade is a masterful, complex blend and burns straight as an arrow due to top-notch construction.

A little bit higher price than the usual under 4 buck stick. This one was just under 7 with tax but, hey its Fathers Day weekend and I treated myself.. GO ahead and grab a few and treat yourself and another Father to a nice bold smoke.
Happy Fathers Day.
sweet smokes

Asylum Schizo torpedo 6×50

While its been a while since I have done and under 4 dollar a stick recommendation this one was definitely worth the effort..A nice relaxing medium body torpedo that made for a nice lunch hour smoke..

Schizo hails from the cigar duo Kevin Baxter and Tom Lazuka, the makers of Asylum and Asylum 13. The idea behind the Schizo project was a “take no prisoners” approach as the blend extends its wings into full, complex flavor territory while maintaining a mild to medium body that everyone can enjoy. To successfully get this project across the finish line, Kevin Baxter and Tom Lazuka decided to enlist the help of industry legend, Christian Eiroa; who was the brains behind the ‘94’ rated Camacho brand. Together, they developed an economically priced, delicious short-filler blend. This tasty cigar not only can be enjoyed every day, but its construction and flavor qualities can easily convince any aficionado to second guess that it’s a long-filled premium.

Utilizing 100% Nicaraguan fillers, Schizo presents an earthy mild to medium body that slowly builds in flavor and strength as the blend burns. For a short-filled cigar, you would barely notice since it burns evenly with an effortless draw from head to foot and comes packed to the brim, eliminating any soft spots. You’ll experience some earthy nuances mixed with light notes of cedar and a dash of spice as the flavor profile slightly changes from inch to inch.

Sutliff Spinnaker

Receiving aromatic tabacs during the winter months when I am smoking heavier blends due to the chilly weather has a few possible outcomes. One, they get lost in my lounge and I never get to smoke them or two, they get time to age a bit before I finally pop the tin come spring/ summer.

That is what happened to this tin of Spinnaker from Sutliff I received last December. It was at the bottom of a stack of Englishes and Balkans that are stored in my cellar. Surprised as I was I decided that this would be my smoke of the day.
The tin says that Spinnaker is a “burley and black Cavendish with a delightful mixture of sweet and tart”.. OK then sounds like a perfect smoke for a warm Wednesday.

I popped the tin and the strong aroma of almond and cherry permeated into my nostrils. The tabac was damp to the touch so I let the tin air dry a bit before I attempted to pack the bowl of my Italy no name ½ bent.. 30 minutes later with bowl packed I lit the pipe and began to enjoy.. The almond settled down a bit and the tart cherry took over. Not like some cheap OTC cough drop cherry but more like cherry cordial, also by Sutliff Altadis. The bowl did not goop and the smoke was actually enjoyable. So much so, a second bowl was packed and enjoyed on the commute to work this morning.

I will definitely enjoy a few more bowls of this today and will definitely keep it around for some time.
Sweet Smokes