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Estate Pipes

There are many benefits to buying an estate pipes, one of those reasons might be because it’s a certain no longer found on the market. Another might be because you do not wish to pay retail for it, or perhaps your just looking for a pipe to restore for fun.

While I own many brand new pipes I also own many more estate pipes. Some of these pipes are in almost near perfect condition, while others not so and, need to be worked on a little. I know many people which have a problem with buying a second hand pipe, mostly the complaint is ” It’s been in somebody else mouth “.
Well here’s a fact for us all. No matter what restaurant we go to wither it’s a three star Michelin or the local pub diner about five hundred plus people will have eaten off the same plate as you, used the cutlery before you and drunk out the glass before you. Of course before it gets too your mouth all the items are cleaned threw.
This holds the same for estate pipes, the rimmed back, stems polished and sanitized and the finish restored. This can either be done by you or by a professional pipe maker/restorer. Either way your pipe will be clean again and ready to smoke. Some estate pipes will have been heavily smoked with strong tobacco which will have caused a ghosting, all you can really do here is keep smoking your tobacco and after time it will go. For the biggest benefit of buying estate pipes is that I can buy a large number of good pipes for less money.
It was only yesterday I picked up and estate lot of 2 Karl Erik’s, 1 Peterson system, 1 Peterson silver spigot, 1 Peterson’s meerschaum rock, a couple of Savinelli’s, couple of Danish Free-hands, 3 Stanwells for 125 euros and it’s not the first time I have had bargains like that.
Where some of us may be on a budget and are wanting a quality pipe like a Dunhill or a Peterson’s but have the money to spend on a new one then looking around for a good estate pipe is the best way to go, the other advantage is you maybe like me interested like me in only 2 of the pipes in the Job lot however buying the lot means in time you can re-sell them or trade.

Of course like anything you buy make sure you do your homework,

There are many gems out there that people perhaps don’t know about. We all know a Dunhill, black stem white dot. However a Parker for example is an Dunhill second and one of those pipes many people forget about. While smoking is now becoming more and anti social in the eyes of the government this is the time to start buying.

Many people are giving up the smoking, pipes left by and deceased and no one in the family wants the old tobacco or pipes. I keep seeing more and more estate pipes coming up for auction, but not just that, Pipe lighters from Dunhill, Corona, Dupont and Cartier, pipe racks and stands, pipe cleaners etc etc. While the price of tobacco goes up we must look at other ways of keeping cost down and estate buys is one way of doing it. Another great advantage is nowadays we shop for rare pipes online, something which many of us could not do ten years ago and therefore those pipes we would have perhaps only found by chance are at the tips of our fingers for little money.

The best advice I can give you when buying an estate pipe is look at the condition of it, make sure all the parts are original and the the briar is not burnt out. The finish of a pipe can always be restored. Also know roughly what you want to pay for the pipe. Some people will always knock the price up with a story like ” The pipe belonged to my Grand father, smoked daily but well looked after. Looking for 200 euros ” . While to buy the same pipe it’s 120 euro’s. The amount of times I have had people expecting me to pay for the sentimental value because it was grandpa’s war pipe I would be a Millionaire. Most of the time the value in a pipe is the quality of it’s smoking ability and the best smoking pipes I feel are ones that have been broken into for a great length of time, this holds more true to a Meerschaum that has over sixty odd years been smoked and is Amber and brown and golden and will only smoke and color more the more you smoke it.

Ped A. van de Gevel

Riccardo Santia cobs

One of the masters of the cob is our featured Cob Tuesday artisan. . A true master of the cob.
I have often been asked what tobacco goes best in a cob.. My pat answer is “whatever ya want to throw in it will be fine”. However my personal choice is Gawiths Full VIrginia Flake bought in bulk. TO me the integration of FVF and the cob makes for a truly remarkable sweet smoke. Yes FVF is fine in a briar or meer but to me its really shines in a cob. Try it and feel free to comment.

Happy Cob Tuesday.
sweet smokes

stocking stuffer cob


What a great little stocking stuffer for a new piper. I saw these on the shelf at the new B and M store last week and am contemplating picking up a few. A genuine MM corn cob and some Pipa vanilla cavendish tobacco all nicely put together in one package. A great idea.

Add a 5 pack of Bics or a std Zippo lighter for the complete package..

Cobs are the perfect all around pipe. As I was discussing with a friend this past weekend I find that you get a more complex flavor from straight Virginia and VaPer combos in a cob unattainable in a briar.

Happy cob Tuesday

Cob Tuesday 10/29

check him out at

As I sit here gazing in awe at these cobs I am reminded of the old days when I was young watching dad smoke his cob with Prince Albert or Carter Hall tobacco. I didn’t even know if Carter Hall was still made. Saw it yesterday at the local store and picked up a pouch. Sweet smell. Enjoy your Cob Tuesday.

cob tuesday

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 5.20.30 AM
Saw this one yesterday and just knew it was cob Tuesday selection.. Made by an online friend Raphael J. Higginbotham in Louisiana.. And its for sale with a collection of his homemade Cajun baccy . Raphael does not have a site yet but he can be contacted thru Facebook.

Cob Tuesday


It is a chilly fall morning and nothing tastes better than Dunhills Elizabethan Mixture in a corn cob pipe. A wonderful blend that will warm the soul. Blended with some strong coffee makes the weathers effects minimal..
It’s a good day.

Fall has arrived

With the advent of the Fall season do your pipe smoking habits change? I know mine do..
During the fall I tend to start smoking my bigger bowl pipes with both fall scented aromatics, which I don’t normally smoke, and heavier English blends or VaPers.
Longer more relaxing smokes tend to sit better in the larger bowls. I also tend to break out my nosewarmers during this time. With the rain and potential snowfalls looming I prefer to have my pipes closer to my nose and protected by my ball cap or jacket hood..
What about the rest of you?

new indie pipemaker




The internet pipe community is a wonderful place. It can bring together pipe lovers and pipemakers in a more personal way. A few weeks ago on Instagram I was led to Paul Menard in Los Gatos California. Having only been making pipes for about 4 months I was impressed with both his craftsmanship and originality. Not only that but he uses woods that, for a good part of his work, comes from his local area. Madrone burl, Redwood and Epiwood (Ironwood) are just some of the woods.. I had to share.. check him out at

I have been smoking one of the ironwood billards for about a week now and it is a wonderful addition to my rotation.

Breaking in my new Castello kkk sea rock

Hello pipe smokers,

I am new here and just recently got into this wonderful hobby. Pipe smoking has become my go to relaxation activity after work. I have a good friend who got me started a couple months ago and I have not looked back since.

I started my journey out with two new Savinellis, a Roma Canadian, and straight Octavio. They both smoke great and were easy to break in. They had precarbonized bowls and I did not notice anything but wonderful tobacco tastes since my first puffs.

Anyways last week I took the plunge into the world of Castello because I had read many places they are great smokers and personally I feel they have by far the best rustication on any pipe. So I bought a brand new one from my local tobacconist and have been smoking my favourite lat blends (Skiff and Nightcap). I have only smoked 4 or 5 bowls but am noticing quite an intense wood note. Though I dont find it unpleasant I am finding it intrusive, Will this note last? The pipe is smoking great and does not seem to ever overheat. Aside from the wood note I am in love but am hoping the note will die down. Anyone out there with more experience than me able to leave some advice?


$30 to $50 Pipe

Is there a difference in pipes that are in the $30 to $50 price range or are they all about the same in quality?  For instance If I get a $40 New Kaywoodie pipe off or go to my local tobaccoist  and get a $40 Pipe that I do not know the manufacturer,  are they all the same quality or are there name brand’s that are better than others?