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I need help with Identification

I purchased a vast amount of vintage tobacco pipes and have not been able to locate some of the manufactures of them.
What i am needing is some help in identifying the makes and models of them and some of the companies history.

here are some of the ones named

Hickok Premier?
Old England
Wellington WDC
and there are others…

I need HELP!!!

email me at [email protected] if you can help

7 day pipe set

I was left my grandfathers pipe set. It is a Kaywoodie 7 day matched grain pipe set in the original display box (Leather outside silk lined and green felt surrounding pipes.)and all brand new and in perfect condition. I have taken this set to many shops and collectors and have gathered no info.

Most of those that i show it to instantly begin to badger me about selling it (which i never will). I genuinely just want information on these things. I can supply pictures if it will help.

My grandfather died in 1968 the pipes are probably 1940’s vintage. I have a picture of late 1930’s 14 day pipe set that i bought at an auction.

Thanks for any information in advance.


(originally posted on my own blog The Exilefiles )

I have a good selection of tobacco pipes. Not a large collection by any standards, but I have about sixty pipes and they are all in good condition. I keep them that way by constant care and maintenance. I polish them, ream out the bowls, draw a cognac soaked pipe cleaner through the mouthpieces once in a while and place them lovingly in their cupboard when I have finished smoking them to dry and recover. I believe in looking after my friends.
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