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Billy Budd Blonde (dont waste the money)

As an avid smoker of the original Billy Budd I was ecstatic to see this new blend at my local B and M. After 2 bowls in the group 2 Savinelli that I used to use for BB I am not impressed.

The original Billy Budd was a dark brown black colored due to the mixture of A heavy Latakia presence with rough-cut Burley, bright Virginia flake, and a good amount of rough-cut cigar leaf. This was a mans smoke that I would thoroughly enjoy. I wish I could say the same for the sequel.

Billy Budd Blonde is a blend of bright Virginia flake, white Burley, chopped cigar leaf, and a touch of Perique. The perique is barely tasted in the first 2 bowls I have smoked and the lack of Latakia. makes this tobacco more like a Drug Store Blend of scrapple.

Now dont get me wrong many people will like this yuppified version, but this old codger isn’t impressed. I don’t think Sailorman Jack would be impressed either.

Its not an unpleasant smoke and the room note is quite nice. Another negative to its favor. As I was used to the cigar roommate and taste that wasn’t there.

Give it a try and comment below….

Leprechauns Liqueur

If you are looking for something new and mild for this St Patricks Day than Leprechauns Liqueur from Tewksbury and company might be your answer. A blend of bright imported and domestic tobaccos. The blend is enhanced with an unmistakable flavor of Irish Cream liqueur to make it a one of a kind aromatic that we say is simply the cream of the crop. A smooth creamy blend that does not bite and is flavorful to the bottom of the bowl. Whether smoked in a cob, a clay, or even in a Peterson for the true experience.
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new tabacs announced

Happy Friday.
Last night I was going thru Facebook posts and a couple of new tabacs are coming out. On a large scale a new G.L. Pease tabac called Sixpence is beginning to ship. According to Greg the new tabac is
A rich flake comprising a base of beautiful red virginias, a generous portion of perique, and just a bit of dark-fired leaf to add body and dimension. The tobaccos are delicately kissed with a special spirit, then pressed and aged in cakes before being sliced and tinned. The taste and aroma are deep, full and satisfying, reminiscent of traditional tobaccos from long ago.

On a smaller scale, Bluegrass Cigar Suite blenders Jason Brown and Jordan Kenner are releasing Homers Delight, The blend of black cavendishes was subjected to a ‘vertically distilled fermentation’ process, and left to age an extended period of time, allowing the subtle flavors of the tobaccos to fully develop. The tasting panel used during our sampling period noted flavors of ‘sweet chocolate’ and ‘glazed donut’. Room note is very sweet, dominated by the chocolate note described in the smoking experience. Due to the limited nature of the tobacco, it will be limited to 1oz purchases only.
Look for the new Sixpence at your favorite tobacconist and get a hold of Bluegrass Cigar Suite at to try these out..
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W O Larsen 2015


W.O. Larsen Limited Edition 2015 .
I bought this 100 gram tin at my lounge for 30 euros. It was a limited edition and they only had three tins so I thought I better give it ago . The tin art is nice and colourful, being a dark blue with a gold bottom and the numbers 2015 appearing bright on the lid, not too busy and just a small sticker saying smoking kills which came off nice and easy.
When you open the tin the tobacco is in a clear vacuum pouch which keeps the tobacco fresh, I removed the contents to a more air tight jar. Tobacco colour is light with bits of Cavendish through it . The Blend has white flower leaves , with a composition of brandy, raspberry, pomegranite and other sweet flavours.
I packed my Karl Erik pipe with it and lit it up. The room note is very pleasant but that is no surprise considering what it’s cased with. I found it personally far too sweet for my pallete, in fact almost sickening. It’s a close match to a tobacco called Rose of Latakia by McCelland which I also found a hard time to stomach .
On the plus side your wife will not complain about the room note of this tobacco.
So if you want to smoke indoors this coming winter and can muster the strength to smoke perfume then this tobacco is the one.

Sutliff 1849 update


Since I received this pre-release a few months ago and did my initial review I thought I would give an update. The tin has been sitting in my cellar relaxing enjoying the cool dry temps while I have been suffering thru the heat. I decided this morning that I wanted a plain VaPer for my daily smoke today so I snagged the cellring tin..
Still moist as it was when I first popped the tin I filled the bowl of new cob with a nice amount of the tabac. Letting it dry a bit while I showered and prepared for the morning commute.
Lighting the bowl as I left the house I noticed the perique was more at the forefront where the virginias were there earlier. After a few puffs it seetled in to what I have to say was a perect smoke. SO much so that I filled another bowl and enjoyed it thoroughly on the rest of my commute to the lab.
This tabac is truly an exceptional VaPer. Even beter with a tad of aging.
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Semois tabac coming to America

ANNOUNCEMENT: Semois Tobacco Available from & I just received exclusive news that Semois Tobacco will be available from & next week, sometime between June 9th – 13th.

The owners of, Jon Guirguis and Philip Assad, have formed a new company for wholesale distribution. The new company is named Brunswick Distribution Group.

Brunswick Distribution will be focusing on boutique products and exclusive items with the mission of being a curator of unique items in the pipe world.

Look for further announcements directly from and in the coming days. thanx to for sharing this wonderful news.

Kentucky Planter in a homebrew briar

kentucky planter
The tin calls this tobacco a soft and aromatic blend of all AAA Burleys. SO I was expecting an aromatic when I opened the tin. I was greeted with a wonderous scent of vanilla and nutty aroma in a multi-colored slightly moist tabac. For this baccy I chose one of my new homebrew briar pipes that I have been seasoning with no nonsense straight tabacs since I built her a few weeks ago.. raw tabac on raw briar. Nothing better.

As I said the tabac was a bit moist as I loaded the bowl so I let it dry out a bit during my 15 minute commute this morning. By the time I lit the pipe as I arrived the tabac burned nicely. Dry to the touch.. One or two relights and the bowl was off and running. The vanilla subsided and the rich White Burley taste emanated in the smoky wonder.. All the way down to the bottom of the bowl. Leaving a nice white ash with very little dottle at the the bottom. A mild flavorful tabac and a definitive choice for joining the rotation of all day smokeabilty tabacs.

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Sutliff 1849 in a cob

It was with glorious expectation and a little codgering on my part that I was one of the early recipients of a pre-release tin of this new Sutliff tobacco. My source had said that customers had wanted Sutliff to do an exceptional Va/Per and Carl has done just that far exceeding expectations.
Arriving in a MacBaren style tin emanated elegance and a certain class. Opening the tin the aroma the sweetness and spice emanated my nostrils.The tangy red Virginia short ribbon is complemented by the citrus sweet bright flue cured Virginia thin flake. The red Virginia. is the most obvious of the two Virginias. The perique is both granulated and ribbon cut, offering some sweetness with bursts of pepper.
Not overly moist I packed a cob with this tobacco and after a few relights it was set to go. An enjoyable no nonsense tobacco with sweeteness and spice all the way to the bottom of the bowl . A wonderful all day smoke for those of us who love our tobacco with no nonsense and no case. Another shout out to Sutliff master blender Carl for hitting it out of the park on this one.

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HH Latakia Flake

Having smoked many tabacs over the years as they were released upon the masses it is always with a trepidation that every once in awhile one will come along that knocks me for a loop. It isn’t often. Last year there were two. One of them Old Dark Fired lived up to its hype while the other Gaslight did not. While Gaslight is a fine tabac for older smokers to me ODF better met my smoking habit with glee.

When I was asked if I would try a new Mac Baren tobacco to be released in Chicago I was more than enamored with the honor and the potential. Not knowing what to expect, since it was being kept on the hush, I stalked my mailbox anxiously awaiting its arrival. Within 2 days it did. HH Latakia Flake

The 100g tin, gold in colour with the HH elegant logo peeked my interest as did the name, Latakia Flake.. Hot Pressed Pipe Tobacco. Opening the tin for the first time revealed 3 stacks of dark brown flakes with yellow speckles . The scent was sweet and inviting.


Rubbing a few flakes for my tester cob revealed even more joy. Slightly moist I let it dry for 20 minutes before packing the pipe. Packed lightly the bowl filled with 1 flake leaving the remainder for a second bowl.

Once lit the tabac smoked like a dream. Smoky, sweet and the orientals added a very nice touch making the mouth want more. And more did it deliver all the way to the bottom of the bowl. Leaving a fine white ash with easy clean. A worthy tabac this is. Per had done his magic again.

I have smoked several bowls of this in the rubbed method in several different pipes and all with the same result. A very smooth sweet smoke with a lot of nuances and enticements.

On a whim this past Sunday I was on the line with Ped, a very close friend and by chance grabbed my 2001 Caminetto Rhodesian and a flake of Latakia Flake. I rolled it out of the tin direct to the bowl and lit. After a few relights it took hold and for the next hour I enjoyed a wonderful slow smoking bowl filled with the exuberance of the LAtakia, the sweetness of the the Virginia and the exotic taste and aroma of the Orientals. Again an old dog tried a new method for prepping the tabac and packing the bowl adding a new dimension to the art of smoking.