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HH Latakia Flake being introduced at the Chicago Pipe Show

A new fantastic tobacco is being introduced in CHicago
Mac Baren’s description of HH Latakia Flake:

This is a hot pressed flake tobacco, meaning that during the pressing steam is added to mature the tobacco further and to ensure a mellow smoking experience. A blend of bright Virginias, spicy Orient, a bit of burley, and a fair amount of Cyprus Latakia is the foundation of HH Latakia Flake.

The taste is complex with the smoky note from Latakia in the front seat, the subtle sweetness from the Virginias working in the back, and the mellow spiciness from the Orientals popping up from time to time, creating an intimate interplay where all tobaccos play their role and contribute to this unique smoking experience.

HH Latakia Flake has very little casing and no top flavour at all. The only taste you will experience is the natural taste from the tobaccos used.

A mellow, yet satisfying tobacco, with a lot of nice, smoky aroma.

look to for a review on May 1.. it will def be of interest.

cuppla thingz

While it has bee a few days since any new content has appeared, DO NOT BE alarmed.. I have not given up smoking and the black cars have not come for me.
Sutliff South Seas- I recd this in the mail the other day and on a day after a snow and with temperatures warming i immediately popped the tin. Warm temps sun and a cob on the beach came to mind as I filled the bowl and set it down to dry a bit while I sipped on a CHocolate Porter. Lighting the still a bit damp baccy took a while but once it held the light the flavor and aroma of the tropics came thru. Rum, Coconut and some fruit emanated in my palette along with the chocolate from the porter.. Though it was only 50 degrees is felt like an island beach. I enjoyed it so much and for further research I packed it with me for an all day smoke experience to really put it thru its paces.
Same results, Delicious as an all day smoke.. Enjoyed it all day except for a mid day lunch smoke of a Quorum Corona. Definitely a buy again aromatic for spring an summer smokes.
Sutliff Mans Best Friend- As a lover of plain smoking baccys with no or very little casing I found this tobacco to be an interesting choice. A smooth toasted Burley cube blended with premium grade Latakia and Lemon Virginia Flake. Cased with a uniquely mild rum top dressing to produce a subtle pleasing flavor and room aroma.The cubes work well in a wider bowl as they are hard to fit in the smaller bowls. So I grabbed my SAntia bulldog for the day and loaded her up A very nice step back into reality on a stressful morning . NIce nic, great flavor. Easy light and smokeability.. Very flavorful with the latakia and lemon essence in the mouth. Definitely a classic reborn. Similar to Barking Dog but smoother and not as rough a smoke..

Sweet smokes

GQ Tobacco Sweet Brown Maple Pigtail

From GQ tobaccos website

thin, hand spun twist. Made from strong Virginia’s and soaked in sweet Maple sugars. The resulting tobacco is ideal for slicing up and smoking in a pipe. The thin nature of the rope makes this more flavoursome than the thicker (Irish) twist, but more teedious to cut. We also carry this as a cut twist, perfect for loading straight in to the pipe. To smoke this is very rich and strong tobacco. The smoke is peppery with lots of earthy and musky flavours. The added maple, adds a little extra sweetness, but in no ways makes this your usual aromatic. Carries a very high nicotine hit too and is ideal for those who want a good replacement to cigarettes. A big hit in a short time frame, ideal in a small pipe for 5 minute smoke breaks.

This tobacco is also enjoyed as chewing tobacco. Thin pigtails like this have been chewed by first sailor and then miners, drivers and anyone else who cant smoke in there daily routine. When chewed, a sweet and very spicy flavour is released. Much stronger than the Oliver Twists and other Gawith Hoggarth Black (steamed) twists. Not recommended for those new to chewing..

GQ tobacco always carries this with Extra Flavour, so it may be a little sweeter than brought elsewhere. Even with the extra sugars, this is still a spicy smoke or chew!

Tobacco is made by Gawith Hoggarth and not available in the states. I was lucky enough to get a few samples from the “underground tobacco railroad” and it is worth the endeavor

Friday tidbit

For all of you who don’t listen to the Pipes Radio Podcast. Last nights episode gave us a little tidbit as to the Chicago Pipe show. Apparently the integration of pipe and tobacco is catching hols. Apparently Missouri Meerschaum will be introducing 4 new tobaccos under their own brand.. These tabacs are being blended by Russ Oullette, the master blender for Hearth and Home.. I can hardly wait.

I am also hearing rumors of Seattle Pipe Club and Sutliff introducing some new blends at the show.. Will keep you informed as we learn more.

Shiloh, a blend from Old Virginia Tobacco Company


By Rod Ellis

Shiloh, a dark and bloody day during a dark and bloody period in US history.
Brother killing brother, kinsmen firing on kinsmen, the fate of the nation and the fate of an entire group of oppressed people hanging in the balance. Union soldiers ultimately won a two-day battle in western Tennessee, one of several turning points in the Civil War.

Shiloh, a blend named for that battle, is created in the spirit of that battle’s aftermath. Old Virginia says of it, “rum and maple, with cured Virginia pipe tobacco were fondly enjoyed by soldiers of both the Blue and the Gray.” Indeed, although I am grateful to have seen no muskets fired today, I must say that I find it a comfort and a cause for contemplation after a day in the battlefields of life.

Aromatics are not my first choice. I like a few, but I find that a very few make it to my list of possible dailies. After several bowls, todays in a church warden Rhodesian crafted from morta wood and dedicated to aromatics, I have added Shiloh to that list.

I find the tin note delightful. It reminds me, gently, of both grandma’s kitchen and granddad’s liquor cabinet. Both forbidden places, yet both a source of stolen moments and secret delights. It is full and flavorful to the sniff, yet kind to the senses.

The room note is equally fine. I’ve tried it in the presence of several others with all saying that they at least liked it and most reporting that they loved it. A couple even asked that I fire up a second bowl.

The taste is delightful to me. The rum and maple are there in distinct portions, but nowhere near dominant. The Virginias provide a sweet backdrop, pleasing corners of my palate that the rum and maple left untouched.

The blend burns well, leaving only a pile of ash at the end of the smoke. I’ve enjoyed it in briar, ceramic, and morta, with the same results in each case. Not once have I noticed any significant bite. If you like rum, maple, and Virginias, and even if you aren’t a fan of aromatics, I commend it to your attention.

Old Virginia Tobacco Company has seven stores operating in the Washington, DC area. You can find them online at

Old Virginia Tobacco Company

Largo Regular

Born in the Great Outdoors. Whether you are fishing, hunting, or just sitting around enjoying a nice warm campfire, you will savor the smooth smoke our blenders made for your enjoyment

Straight burley and Virginias with no casing and a ribbon shag cut. Nothing special in this baccy but a tasty smoke. I saw this in a gift shop the other day for $1.79 for a pouch so I thought I would give it a try. I had one of my trusty cobs ready to go. The baccy was on the dry side but had some moisture. The scent was outdoorsy without the fragrance of casings. So I tried it.

A few bowls now have passed thru my cob. Still an all around decent smoke. A def keeper for this curmudegeon.

sweet cob tuesday smokes

Sutliff CD Blend

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 9.06.05 AM

Days like I have had the last 2 I have just wanted to smoke a tobacco that has flavor and will stand the test of not got getting boring bowl after bowl.. That tobacco has been CD Blend the last 2 days.. Hearty and flavorful.. Reminiscent of the classic tobaccos you just smoke.. This tobacco is a reblend of the old House of Windsor Country Doctor.. Burley, Virginia, Latakia, Flake and Perique combine to provide that Old Time flavor that will take you from first cup of coffee, thru the soda to the beer and straight to the whiskey before bed.. A great classic smoke.. Enjoyable from Sun up to Sundown

Hearth & Home : Stogie


By Rod Ellis

I’m a cigar fan. I love the way they smell and taste, and I love the fragrance a quality Stogie brings to a room. It seems only natural, then, that I would take a walkabout among the pipe tobaccos to discover a “cigar” pipe blend that I could truly enjoy. I’ve tried several, finding most to be good. Tonight I’m smoking the aptly named Stogie blend from Hearth and Home. Although as I puff I realize that I still have not found “excellent” among these blends, I have found one that is very good, and that, to my taste, rises above the others I have tried.

Stogie is not much like the Ghurka Ancient Warriors that I favor, and only distantly resembles the Cuban sticks I’ve treasured on balconies and courtyards in Mexico and Central America. Still, from top to bottom of the bowl the presence of cigar makes itself known, and does so in a way that I enjoy.

There’s something a bit raw about Stogie, perhaps a bit of wildness. Although it is far too smooth to compare to the rough, rolled tobacco I’ve enjoyed directly from Guatemalan fields, it is somehow reminiscent of such earthy, unsophisticated, and wonderful smokes. Unlike some of the other cigar blends I have sampled, it firmly speaks “cigar” with every breath. It is not sweet, although a hint of Virginia adds a certain smoothness. The burley is distinct, and the whispers of oriental and perique are just that, whispers. And yes, the maduro flavor is clearly and distinctly present, a treat to those who love their cigars.

Stogie tastes like tobacco, pure and raw and natural. It seems to have plenty of nicotine, having taken me from exhaustion to relative alertness in the course of single bowl. The room note will probably not earn many non-smoking fans, yet I think other smokers will find it interesting and inviting.

I’m enjoying this blend very much. I put up about half a pound, and will be interested to see how it ages. If you are a lover of cigars, I think you will enjoy H&H Stogie.

What they smoked…Gerald Ford


Gerald Ford smoked about 8=10 bowls a day historian tell us.. His favorite pipes were American Kaywoodies. But what did he smoke.

From the research it appears that his favorite blend was the House Of Windsor Field and Stream.. A wonderful aromatic of burley and black cavendish with a coating of vanilla and black licorice.. With that in the pipe and that aroma you could probably understand the amount he smoked..

While Field and Stream is no longer being blended, Sutliff tobacco has reinvigorated the blend giving it a new name, Great Outdoors. A great midday smoke while working outside or a nice relaxing smoke for sitting by the fireplace contemplating the worlds events.

Happy Friday

What they smoked #1


Bing Crosby is a legend. an actor, a singer and yes a pipe smoker.. Everyone has seen Bing smoke his pipes. But did you ever wonder what he smoked in it as a regular tobacco.. From time to time we come across these answers for historical figures thus and will attempt to see if the tobacco is still being made. So that you too “can swing on a star and carry moonbeams home in a jar”..

Bing’s favorite blend is still available by C&D and is called crooner
Crooner is an American classic blend of slow-burning, nutty cube cut Burley and the sweet and fragrant notes added by the herb, deertongue. It is lovingly recreated by C&D from a recipe from the late Bob Runowski, who used to blend it with, and for, Bing Crosby.