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good news for our friends across the pond

Exciting news arrived by post today from across the pond that relate to our lifestyle.

1. Death Wish coffee, is now available in the UK thru Amazon.. Now our friends in Europe can enjoy strong coffee.
Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 5.15.04 PM
2. A new indie tobacconist has opened an online storefront selling retail pipes and accessories as well as his own homebrew blend tobaccos .. check out at

Cob Tuesday


It is a chilly fall morning and nothing tastes better than Dunhills Elizabethan Mixture in a corn cob pipe. A wonderful blend that will warm the soul. Blended with some strong coffee makes the weathers effects minimal..
It’s a good day.

My refridgador

In Colorado, it’s difficult to keep tobacco humidified. I had a unused mini fridge so I converted it to a humidor. I purchased a "Cigar Oasis XL" for ~$100. The thin power supply cable routed through the seal, no problem, and has been working well. I worked on the placement of the Oasis for a few minutes so that opening and closing the door didn’t kink or stress the cable. As you can see from the picture, I probably need a larger fridge 🙂