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While it has bee a few days since any new content has appeared, DO NOT BE alarmed.. I have not given up smoking and the black cars have not come for me.
Sutliff South Seas- I recd this in the mail the other day and on a day after a snow and with temperatures warming i immediately popped the tin. Warm temps sun and a cob on the beach came to mind as I filled the bowl and set it down to dry a bit while I sipped on a CHocolate Porter. Lighting the still a bit damp baccy took a while but once it held the light the flavor and aroma of the tropics came thru. Rum, Coconut and some fruit emanated in my palette along with the chocolate from the porter.. Though it was only 50 degrees is felt like an island beach. I enjoyed it so much and for further research I packed it with me for an all day smoke experience to really put it thru its paces.
Same results, Delicious as an all day smoke.. Enjoyed it all day except for a mid day lunch smoke of a Quorum Corona. Definitely a buy again aromatic for spring an summer smokes.
Sutliff Mans Best Friend- As a lover of plain smoking baccys with no or very little casing I found this tobacco to be an interesting choice. A smooth toasted Burley cube blended with premium grade Latakia and Lemon Virginia Flake. Cased with a uniquely mild rum top dressing to produce a subtle pleasing flavor and room aroma.The cubes work well in a wider bowl as they are hard to fit in the smaller bowls. So I grabbed my SAntia bulldog for the day and loaded her up A very nice step back into reality on a stressful morning . NIce nic, great flavor. Easy light and smokeability.. Very flavorful with the latakia and lemon essence in the mouth. Definitely a classic reborn. Similar to Barking Dog but smoother and not as rough a smoke..

Sweet smokes

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