Don Tomas Clasico


The Don Tomas Clasico was lightly and consistently veined, and a little bit rumpled looking near the cap. The unlit cigar was medium firm, and picked up a slightly grassy, dry tobacco smell off the foot. No distinct flavours came from the unlit draw.. The Clasico opened up subtle and smooth, with a toasted pine nuttiness and soft leather finish. The draw was easy, and the burn excellent through the first third. The toasty, nutty character stayed consistent through the first third, and overall the strength was mild. The second third was almost identical to the first. There were no real changes in either flavour or strength. The burn was very good, and required no corrections. The draw remained easy, giving up plenty of smoke with little effort. As for flavour, the mild toasted pine and leather combo were still all I was getting. The final third was where things started to go a little sideways. Right around the point where I was starting to question whether I wanted to continue smoking such a tame, predictable cigar, the taste started to go off. The best way I can describe the change in flavour was that it became slightly tinny or metallic. , The unpleasant finish was definitely there to stay. It’s worth noting that the draw and burn on the Clasico stayed near perfect until this point, but once a cigar goes off the rails, I’m not one to stick around. Shortly after the metallic finish arrived, the Don Tomas was committed to the depths of the Stinky Ashtray.

Overall, the Don Tomas Clasico was unremarkable. The cigar was fairly well constructed, burned well and drew easily. That being said, it was exceptionally mild in flavour and strength, to the point where a more experienced cigar smoker likely wouldn’t see much point in continuing on with it. Would I recommend this cigar? Maybe for someone who rarely ever has a cigar, and wants something that’s incredibly mild. Would I personally buy another? No. The Clasico was a little underwhelming for me, and I prefer more character and strength in a cigar. The metallic ending didn’t help the cause either.

P A . van de Gevel

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