Drew Estate Meat Pie


Brand Drew Estate
Blended By Nicholas Mellilo
Blend Type Unknown
Contents Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia
Flavoring None
Cut Ribbon
Packaging 50g Tin
Country DK

by Rod Ellis

When I think Drew Estates I think creativity, flavor, and innovation. When I think meat pie, I think of fullness, fatness, and richness. When I think of Drew Estate Meat Pie, I think of all these qualities in a single smoking experience.

Meat pie is Drew Estate’s English blend. After years of enjoying their flavor-infused cigars, I was uncertain what they might have made to put in a pipe, but I was certain that whatever it was, it would be quality. I was not disappointed.

Meat Pie is a very full-flavored blend. The aroma of latikia and the orientals greet you the moment you pop the tin. Rich and smoky, the slender ribbons and tiny dark chunks give an impression of dryness to the touch. The touch, however, is deceptive; it packs well, lights well, and burns well at the first touch of a flame. It is far from dry, however. It feels just right to the tongue and burns without a hint of either excess dryness or excess moisture.

I missed the sweetness of Virginias until I got about half way through the bowl. When it kicked in I was not disappointed. It is gentle but distinct, more in the spirit of Squadron Leader than that of Commonwealth. Still, it is there, and a nice complement to the power and fullness of the latikia and other stronger flavors.

Nearing the bottom of the bowl I can see that it has burned well, smoothly, evenly, and not too hot. Nary a gurgle since I lit it.

Drew Estates is a distinct and excellent English, a bit different from any others I’ve sampled, but clearly in that very distinct family of blends. I mentioned Squadron Leader. I think it reminds me most of SL, but it is fuller and richer even than that excellent blend. It may not be the favorite of a newer smoker, but I think it will please any veteran. If you are a lover of English, I think you will be a lover of Meat Pie. Finishing up my first bowl I have fallen in love already…

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