Drew Estates Acid Blondie Belicoso

Recently I tried the famous CAO Acid Blondie Belicoso cigar. This an 5 X 54 torpedo and is from the blue acid line. The cigar is flavor infused, has a thin medium wrapper with a buttery feel, almost no veins and tight seams.
The aroma of the cigar is unique. Acid cigars are infused with oils, and this smells like a kitchen preparing for Christmas. Very herbal, like sweet potpourri, vanilla extract, sandalwood, etc.
First light reveals a great draw, plenty of light smoke and a very oily sweet flavor much like glycerin and candy. A bit of the potpourri flavor is there, but it’s mostly just sugar. Apparently this is the best sold cigar in the world. To be honest I am having a hard time wondering why.
I know these cigars are bought alot by women because it has the sweetness to it or by unseasoned cigar smokers. For me personally it brings back bad memories of an over sweetened trifle cake soaked in brandy and then set alight. I must admit the smoke draw is very good on the stick giving decent amount of smoke with each puff.
Now something I really hate and I find uncalled for nowadays with any cigar. After finishing the first quarter of the cigar I felt it was time to remove the band ( this cigar has no thick band ) , they have used so much glue too hold the band on the cigar that while trying to take it off I ripped the outer wrapper. Luckily the under bidding held in place otherwise the cigar would be ruined before it got half way. On the back of the band has a fortune thing…nice for you CAO !,
Now tell your staff not to do that with cigars.
30 min in at the 1/2 way point the flavors have changed to become a smooth sweet earthy taste , while the special flavors are still slightly there but only come out on the long finish. Finishing at 50 min to the nub, the last third was the same since the 1/2 way point.
Overall I honestly have nothing good to say about this stick That’s not to say that you should not try it and many others will surely like it. After all as I mentioned it’s the best sold cigars in the world right now. This cigar may work with acid type cocktail or something along those lines but it’s definitely not a cigar I feel for an after dinner wine.
Lastly, if you do buy these cigars you must store them away from your collection as this will taint everything else in your humidor and that would be a waste of an good Cohiba.

sweet smokes,

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