Dunhill tobaccos

A list of some of the Dunhill Tobaccos from our archives
available ONLY from Dunhill in London
Alfred Dunhill Ltd.
30 Duke Street, St. James
London, England
phone: 0171-499-9566

Dunhill Mixture #34569

A dark broken flake, richly flavoured with a background
“tang”. Medium Strength.

Dunhill Mixture #36166
(Dark Flake, Mixuture #179)
A Lemon and Bronze Virginia Flake; Gently rubbed out.
Mild to medium strength.

Dunhill Mixture #36667
A full bodied dark broken flake. No added flavours.
Full strength.

Dunhill Mixture #36609
Similar to a Navy Cut or Plug tobacco. Full strength.

Dunhill Mixture #620
Red Virginia, chopped flake, a little Latakia, and some
Dunhill’s Royal Yacht. This blend has a natural sweetness
and a slow rate of burn. A dash of white rum flavouring is

(Ed. comment: “They” should not ADD FLAVOURINGS!!!!!! 8={ )

Dunhill Mixture #27
A classic ENGLISH mixture. Nutty taste. Mild to Medium strength.
Consists of Latakia, Cavendish, Virginia, and Oriental leaf.
Similar to Dunhill Std. Mild.
(Ed. comment: I have tried this and find it to be EXCELLENT 🙂

Dunhill Mixture #21
A straight forward, fine cut, UNFLAVOURED, Red Virginia.
Mild in strength.

Dunhill Mixture #94
A medium strength blend of 50% Cavendish and 50% Red Virginia.
Not considered aromatic.

Dunhill Mixture ELITE
A mild to medium mexture containing: Perique,
and 9 other, different, tobacco leaves including:
cavendish, Virginias, and Flakes. Semi-aromatic blend
flavoured with plum and other mixed fruit.

A complex blend of Virginias, Cavendish, Latakia, and Oriental leaf.
Medium strength.

( Ed. Comment: VERY GOOD!!! 8=}}} )

Dunhill Vanilla
A mild to medium blend of Burley and Virginia Flake,
flavoured with vanilla essence.

Dunhill Cherry and Rum
A blend of Royal Yacht flavoured with Cherry and Rum essence.
Mild to Medium strength.

Dunhill “Royale”
A combination of “Blenders Own”, “October 89”, and “New World”
(see below for descriptions)
Mild to medium strength.

Dunhill Duke Street
A traditional English mixture consisting of broad cut Lemon Virginia,
Latakia, Cavendish, and Oriental; with Mr Alfred’s Own and 2 dark
flakes added. Slow burning and between mild and medium in strength.

Dunhill #36080
“Mr. Alfred’s Own”
One of the original Dunhill English Mixtures:
Mild to medium, consisting of Latakia, Cavendish, Virginias,
Oriental Leaf and HAVANA FILLER! leaf for zest.
(Ed. comment: I like it!!!! 8=)

Dunhill #10
A richly flavoured English mixture. Medium to Full strength.
A HIGH proportion of Latakia and Cavendish is a base for
added Virginias and Oriental leaf. This blend is similar to
“Dunhill London Mixture”.
(Ed. comment: I like it!!!! 8=)

Dunhill #73
The fullest flavoured English mixture. Over 52% LATAKIA!
with Cavendish, Virginias, Perique and Oriental leaf.
(Ed. Comment: VERY EXCELLENT!!! 8=})
(Ed. comment: I like it!!!! 8=)

Dunhill “Peach”
Same as “October 89: with added peach essence.
Mild strength

Dunhill “Apricot”
Same as “June, 86”: with added apricot essence.
Mild strength

Dunhill “Cherry”
Same as “June, 86”: with added cherry essence.
Mild strength

Dunhill “June, 86”
A ‘Continental’ aromatic mixture. Not too sweet. A blend
of Virginias and Flakes, and lightly flavoured with Whiskey
and Caramel essence. Mild strength.

Dunhill Blenders Own
A mild to medium strength semi-aromatic mixture consisting of:
Rich Flake, Burley, Virginias and Perique. Some Latakia is added
along with vanilla essence.

Dunhill October 89
Using Dunhill 620 as a base, broad cut Lemon Virginia,
chopped flake, Red Virginia, Cavendish, and Oriental leaf
is added to produce a mild, slow burningk, and cool mixture.
Honey and apricot essence is added along with a fruit essence.

Dunhill 36081
(Three Year Matured)
Medium strength blend of Red Virginia and Oriental leaf.
Lighly flavoured with mixed fruit essence.

(Ed. note: the original 3-year matured was truely a 3 year
matured red virginia with NO fruit essence!: I know, since
I have sampled tins of the original blend dated as far back
as 1949!!. It is beyond my comprehension that Dunhill would
take a marvelous old blend like 3-year matured and add
fruit essence to it 🙁 )

Dunhill 1167
( Cuba )
A medium strength, spicy blend consisting of mixed Virginias,
Cavendish, Oriental Leaf and added Havana Filler leaf and
Perique. This blend contains NO Latakia.

Dunhill New World
A rich, mild to medium blend consisting of Burley, Virginias,
Cavendish, and Latakia. Two dark flakes are added to complete
this satisfying blend. Finally, it is flavoured with
maple essence. (Ed. note: WHY!?! )

Dunhill 1066
This mixture contains a high percentage of Oriental leaf.
Virginia, and Latakia are added. This blend is Broad cut
and has a slow rate of burn. Medium strength.
(Ed. comment: I like it!!!! 8=)

Dunhill Bowled Out
A natural, sweet smelling mixture which consists of rubbed
Virginia, Turkish, and a small amount of Perique.
Medium strength, non-aromatic.

Dunhill 221B Baker St.
A mild to medium strength mixture with a quizzical twist to it
that only the Formidable Sherlock Holmes could fathom out.

Dunhill “Baby’s Bottom”
A smooth, medium strength mixture which consists of Red Virginas,
Bronze and Lemon Virginias, some Flake and a good helping of
(Ed. comment: The original “Baby’s Bottom” was produced by
a company named “Savoury’s, Ltd. There were 5 or so different
Baby’s Bottom blends back in the 1950’s and 1960’s )

Dunhill “White Spot”
A fairly Full bodied smoke that has 35% Latakia, with added
Red Virginia and Turkish. A VERY ENGLISH blend!
(Ed. comment: I believe this is a resurrection of an older
Dunhill blend, also named “White Spot” )

Ed. Note: This is only a partial listing. Dunhill in London still
produce other blends. Many are tinned. Dunhill will also make up blends
for a customer under the “My Mixture” label.

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