ecigs- one mans view


On my way to catching a flight to Egypt for my summer holidays I found e-smokers for sale in Schipol airport so decided to buy one. There were a whole range of ones from throw away to box type ones that also charge up your phone and has an Led dial in too tell how many watts you are blowing out which looks like the speedometer of an Aston Martin DB7 and some that look like Jedi light sabers.

I settled for an elegant black e-smoker that looks like a cigarette costing me 50 euro’s and a couple more boxes of vapor capsules which came together at just under 100 euros. This apparently is fairly inexpensive as mods etc can cost up to 300 euros. For me I can see a problem with carrying something that looks like a light saber with me everyday no matter how tempting, though I do own a light saber FX .

When it comes to vapor where do we start? First off what is vapor smoking? E-cigs are actually vaporizers; instead of burning tobacco, the mechanism heats up a liquid. The liquid turns into vapor, which is then inhaled, or “vaped.” There is probably more vaporizer flavors ( E-juice ) than in a children’s candy store ranging from Watermelon to Bubblegum being the pretty normal ones however there is also things like Butter, Black pepper , Crab legs or Smokey Black Bacon are just a few.

I went for American tobacco since I was told it has a bit of kick to the throat and being an pipe and cigar smoker this suits me. The Vapor came fully charged which was nice and you simply put the vapor capsule on the end and puff.

When you inhale the blue led light comes on and turns out after you have inhaled. Some Vapors have buttons on it and various mods etc but mine is the basic pen style. I ended up having to try this out in the out doors are of Schipol as they are now banned indoors. There was a time where these unlike cigarettes where allowed still in restaurants and even in an airplane. Unfortunately that time has passed.

After trying a few puffs I didn’t feel it really doing much for me, I felt like a student with a pencil in mouth in class to be honest, I worked out the best way to draw smoke out of it is to take a short puff and then immediately a long puff, the short puff heats up the element first.

Also on the end of the capsule you will notice a screw inside it, you can turn this to open up the vapor smoke allowing more vapor to come threw.

My conclusion is that it’s not bad. While this has been on the market in Japan several years before the rest of us, it is now catching on. There is even a E store in Rotterdam. It’s quick if you can’t find time to light a pipe or need something for nicotine.

Does it take over my Pipes and Cigars ? No, however I will use mine along with my pipes and cigars.

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