Factory Throwouts no 59


Factory Throwouts Number 59 Sun Grown Lonsdale cigars are quality mild to medium-bodied smokes that sell for a great, low price. The Factory Throwouts Number 59 cigars use aged filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic to produce fine, complex flavors that can only come from quality, cured tobacco. Those delicious flavors are combined with a luscious, sun grown Ecuadorian wrapper to make a cigar that generates a solid, satisfying, and mild to medium-bodied smoke. The quality flavors of these machine-made Lonsdales make for a fine experience as an easy-going, after breakfast smoke, or for enjoying a good cigar during a long drive. Don’t let the term “throwouts” throw you off. These really are quality smokes for an awesome price!

Usually available at Thompson but my B and M carries them at sub 2 dollars a stick.. One of my go to smokes in a pinch. This was my Sunday morning smoke as I went for a stroll this morning. Very mild and flavorful and burns even even under the harshness of the morning cold and light snow flurries. Definitely worth a mention on the under 4 dollar smoke list.

Sweet smokes

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