First pipe and smoke

My first experience of smoking a pipe one week ago today.Here I am nearing sixty and I have just smoked my first bowl of tobacco a week ago. I have always enjoyed the aroma of a good pipe tobacco but never really personally felt the need to smoke. The catalyst was finding a pipe for sale on a table at a church rummage sale. The pipe seemed to be in good shape but with a need for a thorough cleaning. It was cased in a good condition but well broken-in black leather pouch with a pipe nail for tamping, and some old tobacco in the pouch. I was taken with the heady aroma of the case and pipe. I plunked down my $ 0.25 cents and headed home. Being a woodworker I recognized the beauty of the briar bowl. I cleaned the bowl and stem. When I got it all polished I had a beautiful Vauen pipe with a Meersham insert/liner in the bowl. It is beautifully crafted and sits nicely in my hand. The first tobacco I smoked, with a friend to give me invaluable guidance, was Shenandoah he picked up at Georgetown Tobacco just outside Washington DC. My second bowl was Frog Morton. It took me about half of the first bowl to get the hang of doing it right. So, that is my introduction to this new hobby. I realize I have a long way to go – especially if the plethora of info on the net is any indication. Thank you for listening.

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