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This topic is for commercial announcements. We require that only one post a month come from each business, that someone who works for the business directly do the posting, and that the poster registers as a user before they post. To start a new discussion, click on the "Start New Thread" link at the bottom. Thanks!

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Awesome pipe cabinets and racks ronald wilmes02-02-15  10:44 am
Gasparini (Italy) pipes for saleArunas02-14-13  02:29 pm
International Pipe Smoking Day in NJAve Malkin01-31-13  02:16 pm
Six new Le Nuvole pipes.Maurizio Tombari09-19-12  08:25 am
Mkelaw Pipes 15% off Sale continues!Dave Neeb09-08-12  05:05 pm
Four new Le Nuvole pipesMaurizio Tombari09-04-12  06:03 pm - 15% of on Dozens of EstatesDave Neeb07-28-12  07:58 am
Three new Le Nuvole pipesMaurizio Tombari07-05-12  11:46 am
Two new Le Nuvole sandbastsMaurizio Tombari03-13-12  11:20 am - Sale on New and Unsmoked PipesDave Neeb03-10-12  08:55 am
AD/ANN: Altinok Meerschaum is on their new web addressSinan Altinok03-04-12  09:11 am
Three new Le Nuvole pipes.Maurizio Tombari02-28-12  07:23 am Sale Ending - Many Fresh Estates PostedDave Neeb01-13-12  06:13 pm
Four new Le Nuvole pipesMaurizio Tombari01-10-12  09:11 am - Holiday Sale - 10% off Everything!Dave Neeb11-30-11  08:50 am
Six new Le Nuvole pipesMaurizio Tombari11-22-11  12:49 pm
Le NUvole Xmas pipe 2011Maurizio Tombari11-09-11  06:11 pm Sale Ending - Many Fresh Estates PostedDave Neeb10-21-11  05:16 pm
Six new Le Nuvole pipesMaurizio Tombari09-01-11  12:25 pm - ALL ESTATES 10% OFF!!!Dave Neeb08-24-11  09:20 am
Fresh Pipes at Mkelaw-Pipes.comDave Neeb07-31-11  08:12 am - Lots of new pipes postedDave Neeb07-01-11  11:54 am
Le Nuvole pipes - Cross.cut CollectionMaurizio Tombari05-25-11  10:02 am - Lots of new pipes postedDave Neeb04-22-11  10:59 am - New Estates and Unsmoked PostedDave Neeb03-13-11  05:29 pm
Mkelaw-Pipes.Com - Fresh Estates - Price ReductionsDave Neeb01-29-11  07:13 pm
Zinovi Seniak pipesZinovi Seniak15 01-17-11  09:24 am
Mkelaw-Pipes - Fresh EstatesDave Neeb11-09-10  12:10 pm
Fall 2010 Newsletter & 1/2 Price ShippingDave Wolff10-19-10  12:22 pm
Mkelaw-Pipes.Com - Fresh EstatesDave Neeb09-24-10  08:14 am
Mkelaw-Pipes - Fresh Estates Dave Neeb08-29-10  08:26 am
Massive Meerschaum PipesKatherine Nash08-17-10  09:38 am
-10% on Savinelli in Augustwilliam krogh lundsg08-14-10  05:45 pm
-10% in Juli william krogh lundsg07-15-10  11:57 am
NEW Jorgen Larsenwilliam krogh lundsg06-25-10  09:16 am
AD: website updatedNovelli pipes06-04-10  09:31 am
Memorial Day Sale!!! Free Washington with Stems!Dave Wolff05-28-10  08:34 pm
Mkelaw-Pipes - Fresh Estates - New Pipes by Dave NeebDave Neeb05-21-10  07:36 pm
Pipes for salewilliam krogh lundsg05-05-10  07:03 am
New Cob Pipe Stuff and More...Dave Wolff03-15-10  08:46 am
AD: New Castello pipes on www.bollitopipe.itDavide Bollito03-09-10  08:34 am - 10% Off SaleDave Neeb03-03-10  09:48 am
New Pipes and Cigar Holdersteve morrisette01-24-10  01:14 pm
Discount Coupon in www.catinipipe.comCatini Pipe12-08-09  01:51 pm
Gavrison pipesSasha Gavrison11-30-09  07:03 pm
AD:Barbi,Chonowitsch,Dunhill,Winslow,estatesAchim Frank11-29-09  01:42 pm
AD: New pipes on www.novelli.itNovelli pipes11-09-09  01:04 pm
AD:Poul Ilsted,S.Bang,Rainer Barbi,Reiner Thilo,Paolo Becker,updateAchim Frank10-27-09  08:32 am
CatiniPipe - The Italian Pipe MakerCatini Pipe10-27-09  08:30 am
AD:Former,Barbi,Moritz,Balleby,Paolo Becker,updateAchim Frank10-08-09  11:42 am
AD: New Peder Jeppesen, L'Anatra, Savinelli and estate pipes on www...Davide Bollito10-06-09  11:28 am
AD: update at Novelli.itNovelli pipes09-11-09  12:08 pm
High Quality 'Forever' Stem for Corn Cob PipesDave Wolff08-29-09  06:43 pm
Park-Lane Tobacconist online store CigarsandPipes.comJim Murray08-12-09  09:40 pm
Soon the new on-line pipe stores openTakeshi Kenn Sakurai07-31-09  07:06 pm
AD: update at Novelli.itNovelli pipes07-10-09  06:29 pm
AD: new pipes on www.bollitopipe.itDavide Bollito06-23-09  08:23 am
AD: New Castello pipes on www.bollitopipe.itDavide Bollito06-15-09  11:58 am
Update at Novelli.itNovelli pipes06-12-09  11:56 am
Pipe SenatorovSergei Senatorov06-02-09  12:17 pm
Mkelaw-Pipes.Com Adds Many Unsmoked and Estate Pipes Melvin S. Schwartz05-25-09  12:03 pm
CONNOISSEUR PIPE SHOP CLOSESRob Denholtz03-30-09  07:16 pm
Artisan Hand-made Pipe Tampers from DenmarkDmitri Plechtchev03-12-09  06:10 am
Alexander PonomarchukAlexander Ponomarchu03-05-09  08:31 pm
AD: New danish pipes on www.bollitopipe.itDavide Bollito12-15-08  02:42 pm
Bigben, Comoy, Amphora pipes and Sarome pipe lightersMini-Cigar12-10-08  01:12 pm
AD: new pipes on www.bollitopipe.itDavide Bollito12-09-08  09:31 am
AD: New pipes on www.novelli.itNovelli pipes12-03-08  12:47 pm
AD: new pipes on www.bollitopipe.itDavide Bollito11-24-08  01:41 pm
AD: New pipes on Novelli pipes11-17-08  01:29 pm
AD: new pipes on www.bollitopipe.itDavide Bollito11-11-08  09:25 am
Handmade tampers for saleJohn Shaffner10-29-08  08:38 am
Books on Tobacco, Pipe Smoking, and Pipesben rapaport10-14-08  03:40 pm
AD: New Castello pipes on www.bollitopipe.itDavide Bollito10-14-08  08:18 am
AD: New pipes on www.novelli.itNovelli pipes10-02-08  12:57 pm
AD: New pipes on www.novelli.itNovelli pipes09-16-08  08:58 am
AD: New pipes on www.bollitopipe.itDavide Bollito09-15-08  09:12 am
Summer'08 Promotion - Don't Miss This!Sinan Altinok09-09-08  09:36 am
AD: New pipes on www.bollitopipe.itDavide Bollito09-02-08  08:36 am
Vulcanite Stem Restoration Kit... That Works!Dave Wolff07-20-08  07:38 am
AD: New Castello, Il Ceppo and Viprati pipes on www.bollitopipe.itDavide Bollito04-08-08  12:34 pm
AD:S.Bang,Poul Winslow,....UpdateAchim Frank03-02-08  03:06 pm
AD:Peterson Straight Grain,Viprati,Bari,Tsuge,....updateAchim Frank02-20-08  09:03 am
AD:Pipe updates Achim Frank01-18-08  10:19 am
AD: New pipes on www.bollitopipe.itDavide Bollito12-11-07  01:31 pm
I invite to look at my collection of the pipesOsokin Alexey11-23-07  06:53 pm
AD: New S.Bang and Radice pipes on www.bollitopipe.itDavide Bollito11-12-07  09:27 am
AD:Peterson,Former,Peter Matzhold,S.Bang,Axel Reichert, and Estate...Achim Frank11-09-07  09:36 am
New repair shop now open -- Precision Smoking Pipe R&RGeorge Dibos11-02-07  11:20 pm
Another New Pipe at DonBernard'sBernard Myburgh11-01-07  12:50 pm
AD: New Peter Heeschen, L'Anatra and Dunhill pipes on www.bollitopi...Davide Bollito10-30-07  06:35 pm
AD: New Castello, Lasse Skovgaard, Benni Jorgensen, Poul Winslow pi...Davide Bollito10-22-07  08:38 am
New pipe at DonBernard'sBernard Myburgh10-16-07  12:19 pm
New Pipe addedBernard Myburgh09-11-07  08:50 am
P&T Foundations in online. www.ptfoundations.comChuck Stanion09-06-07  01:09 pm
New Site - PenguinBriar.comK. Kendall08-31-07  01:36 pm
AD:Rainer Barbi-Paolo Becker-Cornelius Maenz-Reiner Thilo-updateAchim Frank08-28-07  11:14 am
Pipesmisha revyagin08-20-07  01:20 pm
New Pipe-Maker DonBernardBernard Myburgh08-12-07  12:57 pm
New Exotic Pipe Stands AvailableImran Mian06-24-07  04:15 pm
Welcome to Pedro Ferrizo sitePedro Ferrizzo06-13-07  10:20 pm
Papa Duke Hits1 Year & 1 Hundred Tampers with a Free Tamper Contest...Papa Duke04-21-07  08:04 pm pipesLarry Faulkner04-07-07  08:36 am
5 new pipes addedWolfgang Blaze03-29-07  07:03 pm
Papa Duke's Black & Honey Buffalo Accented Deer Antler Tampers ...Papa Duke03-15-07  10:43 pm
New Update www.pfeifenstudio-frank.deAchim Frank03-13-07  08:52 am updatedLarry Faulkner02-20-07  08:24 pm
Last pipe for '06 on! Bent AppleBruce A. Weaver12-31-06  07:23 pm
Nils Thomsen - pipe maker with own shop in Berlin/GermanyNils Thomsen12-29-06  02:10 pm
NewsRimensi Max12-18-06  02:04 pm
Archive through December 16, 2006Wolfgang Blaze57 51 12-16-06  06:49 pm
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