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Welcome to Used/Estate Pipes. You may enter any of the discussions above by clicking on the appropriate link. Or, to start a new discussion of your own, click on the "Start New Thread" link at the bottom. If what you're really interested in is selling a pipe or finding out what a pipe is worth, please use one of the on-line auction sites such as ebay.

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Peterson Meerschaum #999John Wade Long, Jr.03-17-17  05:05 pm
Question on "SOCONY-VACUUM" pipeKourtney Tracey04-25-16  10:38 pm
Question about a Preben Holm PipeJeremy Gorman15 04-25-16  01:24 pm
Willmer PipesJesse Silver04-13-16  10:25 pm
Box of Old PipesDave Neeb14 03-07-16  09:13 pm
Guler or Güler pipesJohn Wade Long, Jr.12-04-14  11:19 am
How old is this Dunhill Pipe?albert turney02-14-13  09:59 pm
SasieniJesse Silver02-12-13  05:45 am
Dunhill dating questionRandy Allen02-11-13  07:33 pm
2 Danish SpecialsRick Vogel02-05-13  08:26 pm
Gold or silver band wantedJesse Silver01-27-13  03:05 am
Estate Barling MeerschaumHunter TRW01-24-13  06:07 pm
Kapp?kristopher workman12-16-12  08:43 pm
Matching Dunhills-Is one better?Jesse Silver12-07-12  04:16 am
Unknown pipesJesse Silver12-04-12  03:15 am
Just got a Dunhill but the stem is crackedJames D. Beard11-17-12  08:57 am
A little help with this odd looking pipe :-)...Tom Mueller09-13-12  03:12 am
My first Taylor-made Ashton pipeHunter TRW07-24-12  07:53 am
Advice on pipesHunter TRW07-16-12  05:28 pm
Identification of my pipeJesse Silver06-21-12  08:48 pm
An interactive Dunhill "LC" comparison pageJesse Silver06-20-12  08:16 pm
Is this a Pre-Republic Peterson?John Fruhmann06-09-12  06:42 am
Stanwell Sterling 87 or 88jOE kUCERA06-02-12  09:13 am
Savinelli tenon advicePaul Harman05-06-12  07:26 pm
Please info on the Dunhill Bruyere EP F/T group 4 made in England 1970Piero Eduardo04-27-12  04:25 pm
Unidentified pipe P.V into a framePiero Eduardo04-26-12  07:11 pm
Question about a pipe with a star stampHunter TRW04-26-12  05:01 pm
Antique PipeJesse Silver04-16-12  08:23 pm
Christmas pipe 1989 but who made itTom Lyon03-25-12  09:49 pm
New old Ehrlich briar apple pipeDave Neeb03-01-12  02:41 pm
SOUTH AFRICAN TANGANYIKA'S Hunter TRW02-28-12  06:40 pm
Black meerschaum Peterson Alexander Holzinger02-22-12  08:42 am
Preben Holm dilemma Jesse Silver02-18-12  11:55 am
Can you identify this pipe? Jesse Silver02-18-12  01:54 am
Hi allDave Neeb02-15-12  10:20 am
Peterson Sherlock Holmes SeriesSL Clemens02-10-12  12:09 pm
Keeper or smoker? found in variety store.Lee Pearson17 02-01-12  10:12 am
Savinelli Punto OroCarlos Varas01-27-12  01:57 pm
Peace pipeJesse Silver01-12-12  02:28 am
Anyone recognise this brand / mark?Hunter TRW01-08-12  12:57 pm
Help identify this pipeHunter TRW12-30-11  11:07 pm
WellingtonsTom Clasen12-29-11  09:53 pm
Miniature WDC Pipe information...Tom Clasen12-29-11  09:48 pm
My first Willmer pipeEarl12-24-11  04:47 pm
FRENCH ESTATE PIPE INFO NEEDEDJesse Silver12-01-11  08:08 pm
Please help identify this pipKarl Hirsch11-29-11  02:54 am
Unknown pipe maker - need helpPeter11-23-11  05:23 am
My first BarlingJesse Silver11-20-11  07:01 pm
Innovative P.D (into an oval) Brevet S.G.D.G. - Antique Pipe, muse...TOM OBRIEN11-19-11  10:10 am
Dunhill cumberland pipePiero Eduardo11-17-11  11:52 am
Identify unknown pipe HELPsam leach11-01-11  07:57 pm
Dunhill NomenclatureJacek A. Rochacki10-14-11  06:25 pm
Need help indentifying this pipepaul williamson10-01-11  05:42 am
Peterson 106 Tawny Deluxe meerschaum estate pipeAlexander Prucha09-24-11  11:39 pm
Meerschaum PipeAlexander Prucha09-24-11  11:28 pm
Dunhill Shell 510D 16Jerrold Davis08-24-11  05:49 pm
GBD Orly lineHunter TRW08-23-11  06:02 pm
Unusual CobMark Yusko08-16-11  07:11 pm
Sanatine. Anyone know anyything about them?Gerald Martin07-05-11  05:55 pm
Savinelli 604ksGerald Martin07-01-11  06:56 pm
A Dunhill question for the expertsMelvin S. Schwartz06-19-11  04:48 pm
Searching for an original Rainer Barbi StemDave Neeb06-06-11  05:01 pm
Pipe IDReese Shellman05-20-11  03:41 pm
New to forum- help pleaseDail Ricks05-14-11  04:47 am
ID ESTATE PIPEAndy Lowry04-30-11  11:35 am
McDonald Real Briar - Help!Rich Henry04-15-11  12:03 pm
New Estate PipesTony Suvie04-14-11  10:22 pm
GBD PeerageARTHUR SANTELLA04-07-11  05:21 pm
Can Someone Identify the Maker of this Pipe with an H Logo?Jesse Silver04-02-11  02:24 am
Lee PipesHunter TRW03-26-11  08:39 pm
Rok RootJohn D. Kisvardai03-25-11  05:11 pm
A Yello-Bole Chinrester QuestionHunter TRW03-18-11  08:03 pm
BBBHunter TRW03-01-11  08:06 pm
Barling dating and value questionDave Neeb02-25-11  11:18 am
Dunhill Rubybark?Jacek A. Rochacki02-20-11  05:08 am
Russian pre-WWII pipe?M. Holcombe02-19-11  06:56 pm
Anyone heard of R.E. Hansen?Boone Peabody02-18-11  09:34 am
Colossus Masterpiece and SevilleStephen02-12-11  09:42 pm
Help dating and/or identifying a GBD pipe?Matthew Popoff02-12-11  05:01 pm
Help with crack on bowlAlbert Que02-07-11  05:11 am
Help with Identifying and Valuing Pipes?Phil Ostroff01-02-11  07:13 pm
Medico Jet Stream pipesMelvin S. Schwartz01-01-11  06:43 pm
Finding replacement stem for Londoner pipeStuart Nimmo12-30-10  07:18 am
My first pipeRobert12-30-10  04:18 am
Sanitizing Estate PipesDavid J Miller12-15-10  07:46 pm
Grenci Calabrian Briar pipesRick Kontur12-07-10  06:04 pm
Unidentified pipe - can someone help please?Jay Bardsley12-07-10  10:39 am
Peterson Stack Billiard QueryMark Irwin12-06-10  09:04 pm
Savinelli Punto Oro Silver 904Larry Fulmer 12-06-10  12:21 am
Carved IvoryMelvin S. Schwartz11-30-10  09:50 am
Poker pipe questionJesse Silver11-19-10  04:19 pm
Dunhill Dating...Thomas Burton11-11-10  04:36 am
Salmon & Gluckstein bent billiardJesse Silver11-10-10  03:18 am
Help identifying pipe makerWayne Wiseman11-07-10  01:25 pm
Ben Wade and Meershaum PipesWilliam Hyde11-04-10  12:37 pm
Unidentifiable Pipe: "English Royal"Scott Cline10-29-10  12:20 pm
Omm Paul shapeLarry Fulmer 10-28-10  08:03 am
Savinelli QueenJohn K. Traxler10-27-10  05:27 pm
Antique PipeW. A. Lanman10-18-10  01:57 pm
I found 20+ pipes in an old!Thomas Tkach10-16-10  10:20 am
GBD pedigreeRobert10-15-10  06:18 pm
Dunhill cumberland pipebarent walsh 10-09-10  11:42 am
Smooth Caminetto MoustacheMichael Poczatek10-07-10  11:11 pm
Tsuge ivory dragon pipeJazlan Grigsby10-07-10  10:04 am
Cleaning Estate PipesMichael Poczatek11 10-05-10  08:39 pm
GLORY FANCY BRIAR Pipes?Michael Poczatek10-03-10  06:08 pm
Questions on Ebay Estate PurchasesPaul Albert Crass10-03-10  04:42 pm
Schowa brandStuart Nimmo10-01-10  07:50 pm
Savory's ArgyllStuart Nimmo09-28-10  05:30 pm
ST Dupont Estate Pipes from Aaron SpellingHunter TRW09-24-10  05:53 pm
Savinelli with no filter, is this possible?Earl09-19-10  08:35 am
Sergio pipesThomas Tkach09-12-10  07:15 pm
Brebbia Pipes as SmokersJesse Silver09-06-10  02:05 pm
Yorkshire Natural (Algerian Briar)Henry C09-05-10  01:20 am
Marxman matched grain (French)Thomas Tkach08-29-10  08:02 pm
Barling pipeJesse Silver08-16-10  12:10 pm
PolishingBooker Bienstock14 08-14-10  10:36 am
Estate Pipe ID?Booker Bienstock08-14-10  10:21 am
Seville bankers tobacco pipesJesse Silver08-07-10  03:45 am
Ben Wade Pipe CleanerRick Cothren08-01-10  07:18 pm
Possibly Found Rare Brigham Downtown TorontoMelvin S. Schwartz07-29-10  06:25 pm
Old pipes from mother-in-lawW. A. Lanman07-28-10  10:53 pm
W,.J. london englandJesse Silver07-23-10  09:12 pm
Kikisui Co. Pipes - S,EnokiRaymond Whitaker07-12-10  10:27 pm
A find indeedDavid Tolbert07-06-10  07:02 pm
Yet another mystery pipe by mambasteve r. hanover07-03-10  12:57 pm
Did I find a gem or did I just find a smoker?Robert07-01-10  01:58 pm
Sasieni Four-Dot Stem ReplacementMichael Poczatek06-30-10  10:22 am
Myster Italian PipeDaniel Freeman06-29-10  06:15 pm
My second PipeDanny Heng06-29-10  11:51 am
What in the world this is messed up.steve r. hanover06-29-10  10:03 am
Dunhill Shell 48025 Made in England _18_ Jon Dempster06-24-10  10:35 pm
Frustrateing kaywoodie'ssteve r. hanover06-24-10  08:37 am
P S J ????????william krogh lundsg06-21-10  08:12 pm
Peterson Standard System MountMitch Glassman06-19-10  08:20 am
My first pipeDanny Heng14 06-16-10  02:57 am
Do these pipes have vulcanite or acrylic stems?Cabby McCabb06-15-10  12:58 pm
Case maker for pipesJesse Silver06-14-10  12:34 am
Charatan long-stemJesse Silver06-11-10  01:32 am
*Londoner*????william krogh lundsg06-10-10  01:07 am
Lorenzo pipewayne06-08-10  07:49 pm
Meerschaum idsteve r. hanover06-05-10  08:17 am
What does AO mean on a Dunhill.Jesse Silver06-05-10  02:30 am
Winston pipe?????Todd L. Platek06-01-10  08:37 pm
GBD PrehistoricDennis McMahon05-28-10  11:51 pm
Meerschaum lined bowl?Neal Lampley05-27-10  02:34 pm
Kaywoodie stem replacementsDave Neeb05-21-10  05:14 pm
Nob Hill PipeHenry C05-17-10  08:44 pm
Saga Pipes????william krogh lundsg05-15-10  07:41 pm
Estate pipe stem issueMark A. DeSorbo11 05-14-10  09:44 am
Carved Ivory PpieDennis McMahon05-12-10  06:01 pm
Inherited Pipe QuestionDaniel Allen05-10-10  09:06 am
P-lip pipewilliam krogh lundsg05-04-10  02:37 pm
Pipes 'n StuffMark A. DeSorbo05-04-10  08:39 am
Stem markingsTom Morbitzer05-03-10  01:02 pm
What does"Fatta A Mano" mean ??Brian Silverman04-17-10  08:12 pm
He Man PipeThomas M O'Connor04-09-10  07:03 pm
Black Meerschaum Carved Head PipeDennis McMahon04-08-10  12:57 pm
Dunhill Gold WIndcap pipe info soughtJohn Wade Long, Jr.04-06-10  04:18 am
Need help with my BB&S barling 2ndJesse Silver04-06-10  01:15 am
Pipe in antique storeJason D. Wenhold04-01-10  05:37 pm
Estate BangDavid Huber03-29-10  02:18 pm
Saleman display boxKyler McReynolds03-23-10  03:17 pm
Peterson Golden SupremeIrish_newbie03-21-10  05:38 pm
"Caloose" certified purex imported briar estate pipeMichael Poczatek03-20-10  10:46 pm
Captain Pete Peterson ShapeMark Irwin03-20-10  12:11 pm
Manhattan Jumbo; any info?Piero Eduardo03-19-10  02:51 pm
Yellobow/Willard/Medico infromationJesse Silver03-19-10  12:45 pm
Kaywoodie super grain pot style # 69Jesse Silver12 03-16-10  10:44 am
Orlik Scoop?liam O'malley03-15-10  08:44 am
Are all tugboats a Lorenzo line?C Looney03-14-10  02:50 pm
Quintex pipes groundrush nz03-06-10  11:05 pm
How do i restore a pipe?Wayne R. Van Horn03-04-10  12:24 pm
KB&BJesse Silver03-02-10  10:04 pm
?'s Swiss Made Wilshire & Royal House LtdReese Shellman03-02-10  08:52 am
Malibu Pipe Made in Italy?Trent Smith03-01-10  09:16 am
The Dublin Pipe?Robert02-21-10  02:06 am
Dunhill "Not For Sale"David S Pearce02-18-10  10:19 pm
Buttner British pipe Pricing helpliam O'malley02-18-10  10:05 am
SJV? Mark on silver banded Peterson (london)?Michael Poczatek02-16-10  07:16 pm
Gold Circled 'R' Estampille?Michael Poczatek02-15-10  08:04 pm
Information for gtP pipe?Francisco Nunez02-14-10  01:29 pm
Question about a very odd WDCliam O'malley02-11-10  09:47 am
Castello Sea Rock "CC 65"Bryan Nolte02-10-10  01:13 pm
Kaywoodie stinger question.Jesse Silver02-09-10  03:12 am
House of Westminster LTD.Wayne R. Van Horn02-07-10  02:15 am
Pre-Trans Barling with Unusual model numberTom Mueller02-05-10  06:39 pm
Stanwell pipeTom Mueller13 01-30-10  09:37 pm
Dunhill DR and DRRGuillermo Paradiso01-26-10  02:39 pm
Dunhill LB vs LBSDave Neeb01-23-10  10:54 pm
Thompson pipeHenry C01-18-10  12:17 am
Another question on this pipeWayne R. Van Horn01-17-10  01:17 am
An Ashton date questionP.J.O.01-16-10  08:29 am
Tyrolean PipeNate Friedlander10 01-08-10  09:31 pm
Dunhill Bruyere Billiard ID HelpNathan Thompson01-05-10  04:21 pm
Birmingham Hallmarked pipesCARLOS V12-30-09  10:00 am
Sasieni Two-Dot as a Smoker?Paul Tummers12-30-09  07:30 am
What need I knmow about estate pipes previously smoked.mitch mark barmash12-23-09  01:09 am
Dunhill "Land Tube"Dan Bryant12-22-09  01:21 am
ID on Seconda Scelta?Mark Irwin12-19-09  06:04 pm
Dunhill EK Bill D. Toth12-18-09  12:02 pm
Ser jacopo pipeYuval Vardi12-17-09  01:26 am
Peterson DeLuxe & Premiere “Gurgle”Mark Irwin12-16-09  09:23 pm
BARLINGCARLOS V12-15-09  02:08 pm
Sasieni 2-dot billiardThomas Tkach12-14-09  02:24 pm
Cleaning vs. restoring EstatesMatthew Reeder15 12-12-09  04:21 pm
Peterson English MadeTrevor Johnson12-02-09  09:10 am
Question about pipeHunter TRW11-22-09  11:39 am
Looking for the name of this pipeSteven Motes11-21-09  10:20 pm
Zobos pipes from Chinajeff A11-17-09  02:16 pm
Dunhill 42 CYJacek A. Rochacki11-17-09  10:10 am
Pipe identification helpJason Bard11-16-09  12:15 pm
Wilh JorgensenDavid Huber11-14-09  11:18 am
Couple of interesting ParkersWill Milne11-12-09  07:42 pm
Peterson Standard 308Will Milne11-09-09  09:37 am
Trying to identify pipeMorgan Abramson11-08-09  01:44 pm
New to the forum, my first old C.P.F. pipe... 1915 Silver InlayJason11-02-09  01:10 pm
Savinelli LuxorDov Wiseman10-22-09  01:36 pm
Removing "residue" from a pipeDave Neeb10-22-09  12:49 pm
Replacement stemsWarren Arthur10-21-09  05:08 pm
Principe "Albert"Charles Jeremy Rice10-21-09  12:13 pm
Comoy’s France?Todd L. Platek10-18-09  10:40 pm
RC Johnson??Hunter TRW10-12-09  10:58 am
Where to find Estate SalesP. L. Fiveash10-12-09  08:59 am
Loose StemDave Neeb10-07-09  01:55 pm
Peterson P lip stemsAnthony Di Liberti10-05-09  09:04 am
Help on ID with G LogoMelvin S. Schwartz09-28-09  07:27 pm
Churchwarden marked "JP"Mark Altrogge09-21-09  07:50 am
WAGNER, MADE IN LONDON ENGLANDVictor Casey09-09-09  08:03 am
Question for the Calabash GurusWilliam Pullen10 09-08-09  08:15 am
Ceramic Pipe OriginsRichard Cordon09-07-09  05:00 pm
Peterson July 4th seriesFlorian Eichhorn09-06-09  07:00 pm
Restoration of Meerschaum PipesFlorian Eichhorn09-06-09  06:52 pm
Question on pipe marked DH-2P. L. Fiveash09-01-09  05:23 pm
White Clay Pipejeff wirth08-25-09  04:34 pm
Barling's Make EL 1373Dave Neeb10 08-25-09  12:42 pm
German Hallmarks on silver band John Wade Long, Jr.08-24-09  10:09 am
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