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Bowl "Pock" QuestionJonathan Stauber12 04-28-16  06:04 pm
New Amber stem required- Dunhill Pipe- UKJonathan Stauber04-14-16  09:03 pm
Complete Re-Build needed Dunhill Unique Tin Can Lighter- UKkenneth cooke02-24-16  12:32 am
New Amber stem required- Dunhill Pipe- UKkenneth cooke02-24-16  12:29 am
Dunhill Unique Tin Can Lighter full repair needed UK pleasekenneth Cooke02-22-16  10:41 pm
ChurchwardenWilliam H. Davis02-04-13  07:29 pm
Senior Pipe-Reamer Peter J. Fusco01-29-13  08:31 pm
Starting a cakeCliff Byers11 01-25-13  05:40 pm
Cleaning an old meerschaum shankTony Suvie10-12-12  07:14 pm
Alcohol and salt treatment modified- odd resultsJames D. Beard16 09-15-12  10:52 am
Burning Wood Taste/SmellCliff Byers09-14-12  06:36 am
Rim of bowl damageHunter TRW06-18-12  07:29 pm
Advice on Repairing a Dunhill "Inner Tube"Jesse Silver02-19-12  05:50 pm
Gurgling pipeWarren Arthur01-27-12  08:24 pm
Making a new Pipe--- need helpElwood Carter01-27-12  11:59 am
Peterson MeerschaumBala Prasad Kakani10-06-11  02:57 pm
KirstenCliff Byers13 09-08-11  09:58 am
Clogged StemCarlos Varas12 08-07-11  11:02 am
Heat Fissure ProblemMark Irwin06-08-11  05:37 pm
Cracked my first bowlEarl06-08-11  08:23 am
Pipe smoker with a sharp toothed grinJohn Wade Long, Jr.04-08-11  06:22 pm
Loose StemWayne R. Van Horn11 02-22-11  11:03 pm
Grinder to buffer conversionHenry C01-31-11  09:42 pm
Tight tenon connection into shankLarry Fulmer 01-27-11  03:20 pm
Rubbing ashesBill Kavanaugh01-25-11  02:14 pm
Have I ruined my pipepearse gaffney17 12-30-10  05:36 am
Retort RevivedDavid J Miller36 12-24-10  08:17 pm
Crack repair on bowl?mitch mark barmash11 12-21-10  01:36 am
Breking in Thomas Tkach14 11-16-10  09:41 pm
Rough vulcanite stem. Thomas Tkach15 11-15-10  04:29 pm
Kaywoodie Stem GurgleTed Swearingen09-27-10  03:13 pm
Repositioning the 'bend' in a pipe's stemHenry C14 09-22-10  12:20 am
Cob cleaningTony Suvie09-09-10  08:43 am
Best Glue For Broken Meerschaum? James D. Beard07-15-10  10:51 pm
Smoke damaged pipe collectionTony Suvie07-05-10  02:45 pm
Cracking stems on MM cobb DiplomatsDerek Hill10 06-13-10  09:41 am
Burnout on Pete High Grade?Paul Tummers20 05-31-10  08:37 am
Pipe mud......Daniel Allen05-16-10  07:16 am
Looking for home repair tips for cracked briar shankTal Anderson05-12-10  05:28 pm
Smoke damaged pipes #2Tony Suvie12 05-03-10  09:11 am
Heat Problem with Pete POY 2006James D. Beard05-02-10  08:03 pm
Lucite stem repair on LorenzoNeal Lampley05-01-10  07:52 am
Falcon RepairNeal Lampley11 04-29-10  07:28 pm
Stuck Pipe CleanerDennis McMahon04-19-10  06:45 pm
Magic Inch connector tennonNeal Lampley14 04-15-10  09:51 pm
Replacment StemsJohn Marini04-08-10  08:29 pm
Sour pipeNeal Lampley12 03-29-10  08:09 pm
WhistleJames D. Beard03-28-10  09:09 am
Interior bowl has a fill.Tal Anderson10 03-22-10  03:24 pm
Peterson Killarney B11 FishtailJames Morton03-12-10  09:40 pm
First Time Smoker and Pipe OwnerSam Crocker03-09-10  04:37 am
Stem polish after overnight soak in bleach Tal Anderson12 02-28-10  05:58 pm
My first post - Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Vs. Normal spirits to remov...Jay Bardsley25 02-24-10  09:27 am
Dr. Grabow stingersCharley Wilder02-17-10  08:55 pm
Glued Repair & other ?'sReese Shellman10 02-15-10  06:00 pm
Olive Oil treatment for mouthpiece?Stephen Spring14 02-15-10  03:02 pm
Ghosting in my pipeC.H. Goodspeed11 02-12-10  03:33 pm
Non-alcoholic cleaners?Eugene Ruiz16 02-06-10  04:21 pm
Stem alignmentEd Curnutte02-04-10  03:29 am
Cleaning a Calabash gourdJames D. Beard01-26-10  10:42 pm
Replacement Stem for a Bent Bob.Morgan Abramson01-20-10  04:58 pm
Cleaning bent stems with P-lipsPaul Rodgers01-09-10  01:01 pm
Serjacopo repairWarren Arthur01-09-10  01:17 am
When to clean the bowlJames C Wooster01-03-10  06:58 pm
Calabash Tastes Funny mr smokey01-03-10  02:49 am
Bottom of bowlDan Bryant12-30-09  01:50 pm
Dulled wax and exterior grunge removalJoseph Conrad12 12-30-09  11:46 am
How to glue a stem back on a meerschaum gourdpaul jacob12-19-09  06:12 pm
Alternative cleanersLuke Breland12-19-09  10:53 am
Cleaning PipesIan Minton12-18-09  07:02 pm
Kaywoodie Tenon BrokeJames D. Beard12-17-09  08:38 pm
Va. as a cake builderBob W.12-16-09  06:59 pm
Refinishing Kaywoodie White BriarJoseph Conrad12-10-09  03:36 pm
Restoring a meerschaum.James D. Beard12-09-09  01:18 pm
Removing a partial inner tube from a Sasieni stemDuke January12-07-09  03:27 pm
Stain leeching pipeW. A. Lanman12-01-09  11:18 pm
Problem with Meerschaum StemMark Yusko11-30-09  10:08 pm
Removing the black ring on the top of the bowlMichael Mai11-28-09  12:25 pm
Tight stemKen Nguyen19 11-21-09  11:26 am
Sparkless Briar Cigar PipeC Wee11-19-09  04:42 am
Peterson Stem ReplacementRichard 11-12-09  07:15 am
Possibly scorched inside of bowl..Josh11-12-09  01:10 am
Cleaned Stem. Burning smell?Dominic11-06-09  11:37 pm
Staining a pipeMarcus Starbuck10-29-09  02:08 pm
Calabash gourd with moldThomas Allen10-23-09  02:19 am
Peterson Pre-Cake CoatingMark Irwin12 10-06-09  07:16 pm
The Salt Treatment, what went wrong? Todd L. Platek15 10-06-09  05:35 pm
Nimrod lighter Paul Tummers09-19-09  03:25 am
Revarnishing a Medico briar pipeLEROY KINGMAN09-18-09  12:06 pm
SMS pipe wax questionBob Hynes09-05-09  09:36 pm
Unfinished Savinelli questioneric kotwitz08-29-09  07:21 pm
Stain coming off on handTodd L. Platek08-26-09  09:04 pm
Pipe cleaning scotchKevin Durling13 08-21-09  12:43 am
Sanitizing Estate PipesJames D. Beard08-12-09  07:51 pm
Bench polisher recommendation?Geoffrey Cox07-22-09  08:26 am
Salt/Alcohol treatment questionTom Mueller13 07-13-09  08:42 pm
Cleaning A Fixed-Bowl Gourd CalabashJohn Wade Long, Jr.13 07-02-09  05:03 pm
REMOVING TOOTH MARKSDave Neeb06-23-09  11:38 pm
The Use of Pipe CleanerDan Bryant06-23-09  12:51 am
Is the Savinelli Converter tube really necessary?Massimo Aiello06-17-09  10:11 am
Meer Liner insertJohn Wade Long, Jr.06-15-09  02:40 am
Is this normal for a new GBD pipe?Ray06-11-09  12:20 pm
Partial smoking?James D. Beard05-26-09  07:34 pm
Another newbie cake questionRay05-25-09  02:07 pm
Just cleaned out my pipe with everclear, how long should I wait?Dave Neeb05-24-09  09:37 pm
Calabash PipeJames D. Beard05-24-09  07:45 pm
Broken Pipe Cleaner in StemJohn Wade Long, Jr.11 05-22-09  01:15 am
Heavy cake removalW. A. Lanman05-18-09  09:22 pm
MINUSCULE CRACK IN BOWLJames MacKay05-08-09  12:09 pm
HELP IN FITTING NEW BITS TO OLD PIPESTom Mueller05-06-09  11:11 pm
Removing pre-carbonized bowl coating?Duke January10 05-06-09  11:23 am
Dremel Moto-Tool BufferJuan M Villaveces12 05-02-09  06:28 pm
Alcohol on stemjohn Fordham05-02-09  08:42 am
Pipe break inPaul Jordan04-27-09  10:15 pm
Tequila?Lawrence G. Foster04-26-09  02:06 pm
Rottenstone for polishing stems?Robert J. Saul II12 04-25-09  07:17 am
Tiny crackJames MacKay04-24-09  05:52 pm
Black marksRobert J. Saul II04-19-09  10:43 am
Cracking carbonNathaniel 04-17-09  10:13 am
What tools are needed for general home maintenace of your pipesDov Wiseman04-09-09  09:56 pm
A meerschaum lined grabow briar?steven O'Brien04-06-09  10:29 pm
Peterson 305 Stem ReplacementJim Dell03-31-09  12:55 am
Cleaning Up A Very Old Peterson 999 Spigot, Have A Question Or TwoJames D. Beard11 03-28-09  06:01 pm
Cracks in the heel of a new pipeLawrence G. Foster10 03-21-09  10:01 am
BREBBIA PIPE / STEM POLISH James E White03-20-09  11:58 pm
Removing a stingerW. A. Lanman12 03-19-09  12:25 am
Loose Metal tenon in Medico pipeGig Azar03-06-09  05:26 pm
VERY Loose StemDan Bryant19 03-05-09  06:03 pm
Mouthpiece Cleaning...and smells emanating!!!!Stephen Kevin Conkie13 02-25-09  12:13 pm
Kaywoodie drinkless system pipe repair QuestionJames D. Beard02-19-09  08:02 pm
Burnout and Cake BuildupJames MacKay02-11-09  01:10 pm
Meer linersPatrick Moran01-21-09  07:06 pm
Reaming Airways YourselfJames MacKay15 01-20-09  08:04 pm
What is the best way to keep that just professionally cleaned vulca...William Brown01-18-09  07:23 pm
Estate Jobey Pipe StemGerard Carroll01-15-09  05:30 pm
Alcohol SoakingW. A. Lanman24 01-09-09  11:21 pm
Source for Dunhill inner tubesElmer Bringas01-09-09  10:36 pm
WDC RepairJames MacKay01-01-09  11:31 am
Pipe cleaner scratching inside stemKurt Toelken12-21-08  12:06 pm
Amber Stem CleaningChuck Wright12-17-08  01:06 pm
So, I (tried) to clean the mouthpieces...manav guha12 12-17-08  12:16 am
Cleaning a Meerrpahl12 12-12-08  08:40 pm
Replacing p-lipChuck Wright12-10-08  02:39 pm
Leather Bound PipesGrant Catton10 12-01-08  10:36 pm
Sterling MedicoDavid 11-13-08  08:56 am
Broken CalabashSpencer Thomas11-12-08  05:28 pm
Replace Pipe StemHoward Barnett11-09-08  04:22 pm
Beautiful Nording No1 Freehand purchased as trashAndy Bristow11-08-08  09:29 pm
Best of Pipe Cleaners???Andy Bristow11 11-08-08  07:01 pm
Rand Bench Buffer, Is it suitable for the polising pipes?James D. Beard11-07-08  10:28 pm
Can you ever get Mixture 79 to leave a pipe?!John Whitehouse10 11-06-08  11:25 am
New Pipe Break InScott Stambaugh11-02-08  11:34 pm
Clean up work on pipes from auctionsJames D. Beard10-30-08  07:48 pm
Loose Jobey StemDave Neeb10-27-08  01:31 pm
Tobacco in the cakeronaldo ledesma10-26-08  05:10 pm
Pipe CleaningSydPiper 10-24-08  08:53 am
Singed CrownStefan van den Berg10-23-08  04:10 pm
Burning peterson bowl with fast smoking-newbieKurt Toelken10-23-08  06:29 am
Thompson /Center Wonder Lube for PipesWilliam Brown10-19-08  08:48 pm
Fixing an old meerschaumTom Mueller10-04-08  06:28 pm
Proper use of Denicare polishrob van loon10-03-08  06:54 pm
Cleaning GBD Perspex mouthpieceJohn Wade Long, Jr.10-03-08  11:07 am
After the stain & before the waxTakeshi Kenn Sakurai09-30-08  11:04 am
Buffing Wheel Carnauba Waxing QuestionJames D. Beard09-25-08  08:19 pm
Staining vs. Waxing (Newbie)James D. Beard09-22-08  08:18 pm
Advice needed - air hole too highSteve Garland13 09-22-08  10:39 am
? on stem oxidation removal: chlorine vs denture cleanerTakeshi Kenn Sakurai09-18-08  07:00 am
Carnuba WaxKevin Durling09-07-08  10:01 pm
Carbon removal from a freehand rimJames D. Beard08-28-08  07:28 pm
Dropped pipe & broke in twoJames Foley08-10-08  03:10 pm
Wonderful pipes gone awry...T.J. Wehrley08-02-08  07:08 pm
Hard DrawTodd Bannard07-26-08  08:04 pm
Cake on bottom 1/4 not reamed?S. Roy07-07-08  07:15 pm
Alcohol stains on mahogany calabashGregJ07-07-08  10:14 am
Alcohol and vinegar didn't work..Rich Henry07-02-08  10:56 pm
Breaking in a large pipe, large bowlS. Roy06-25-08  07:41 pm
Alcohol SoakDerek Hill06-19-08  11:28 pm
Dunhill with cracked stem and missing white dotDerek Hill06-19-08  11:20 pm
Mottled wax on one side?Derek Hill06-19-08  11:07 pm
HumidorDerek Hill06-19-08  11:05 pm
Refinishing a sandblastDerek Hill06-19-08  10:52 pm
Peterson's nickel polishJim Dell06-19-08  11:30 am
Grabow helpEric Rogers06-18-08  07:34 am
Cleaning up pipe's troubled past...James D. Beard06-17-08  05:07 pm
Estate Peterson with 2 dents and scorch... help...Jim Dell06-12-08  10:42 am
Repairing a silver shank capJesse Silver06-10-08  01:30 am
Cleaning old pipesJames D. Beard06-05-08  06:22 pm
Buffing machinesChuck Wright10 06-04-08  02:34 pm
Loose Cob Stemsburro05-29-08  06:40 pm
Burned-out briar - REPAIR methods?James D. Beard05-27-08  08:19 pm
Meer-lined briarscooper05-25-08  12:08 pm
Bee's Wax...David 05-19-08  10:31 am
Awful cig smell in pipe bowl after smokeDavid 10 05-14-08  08:02 pm
Falcon Pipe Bowl MaintenanceRay Mackessy05-14-08  05:38 pm
Noob question on cleaningToby L. Brown05-06-08  12:27 pm
Freehand pipe charringKevin Durling04-23-08  05:12 pm
Cob Maintenance QuestionsR.G.Plank04-07-08  09:27 am
Can this cob be saved?Jesse Rimshas03-31-08  10:12 pm
Help cleaning the Peterson silver band?Elmer Bringas11 03-28-08  08:33 am
Cleaning meerschaumsRay Mackessy14 03-22-08  04:12 pm
Unfinished NordingKevin Durling03-22-08  01:12 pm
Pipe cleaner in Brandy?Dov Wiseman34 03-17-08  01:49 pm
Bowl CleaningKevin Durling03-15-08  03:18 pm
Pipe SweetenerJohn Stambaugh03-15-08  12:22 pm
Tools for opening draught holeDave Schwanke03-07-08  12:09 pm
Help W/Sav Finish?Chuck Wright03-06-08  08:37 am
Stem tastes sour on new PeteChuck Wright03-06-08  07:57 am
Shank enlarging in a full bentEdward Scott11 03-02-08  11:00 am
Choice of finishBryan Howell11 02-27-08  06:20 pm
Stem DiscolorationRyan Marshall02-27-08  12:55 am
New falconRay Mackessy02-24-08  09:05 pm
Won't smoke to the bottomWayne Wiseman19 02-13-08  06:40 am
Need a new stem madeDave Schwanke02-08-08  06:35 pm
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