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Tobacco trade?LLOYD DUBROY11-08-15  08:51 am
St Bruno Flake for sale or TradeJeff Avery10-28-15  11:42 pm
Looking for old Tibbe's Missouri Meerschaum pipesJonas Clark-Elliott01-17-13  06:53 pm
Hobbits WeedWarren Arthur12-20-12  12:39 pm
Kentucky Club MildWarren Arthur12-18-12  09:03 am
1933 Dunhill PrinceJohn Cook12-07-12  10:22 pm
Butera Coloring BowlBill Withers11-24-12  11:31 pm
STERLING'S English "ROYAL LONDON DOCK" FOR TRADEHal Harker08-26-12  08:32 am
Carey Magic Inch FreehandsGreg Galardi07-14-12  08:34 am
4 for 1 trade Aromatics for English or Va/PerHal Harker07-11-12  11:55 am
Blue Note for tradeHal Harker06-16-12  09:42 am
Tobacco TradeWarren Arthur03-30-12  11:27 am
Spring CleaningVance Andre03-21-12  08:54 am
MacBaren HH Virgina for TradeVance Andre03-13-12  09:16 am
Tobacco TradeLLOYD DUBROY03-07-12  10:11 pm
Tobacco TradeWarren Arthur02-17-12  08:58 am
Balkan SobranieJohn Cook10-03-11  02:03 pm
Stonehave FlakeWilliam Dale Smith09-18-11  10:53 am
Lovely Meerschaum pipe for trade for Kirsten pipeCliff Byers08-26-11  03:53 pm
GBD pipe for trade for KIRSTEN pipeCliff Byers08-26-11  03:47 pm
Combining both GBD and Meerschaum for trade for a fine KIRSTEN pipeCliff Byers08-26-11  07:34 am
Peterson pipes for trade for KIRSTEN pipesCliff Byers08-19-11  06:07 pm
Snuff To TradeWarren Arthur08-12-11  03:56 am
Tobacco to tradeHal Harker07-21-11  09:58 pm
Tobacco for tradeScott Irwin07-20-11  04:37 pm
BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN PIPE CLUBLouis Beason07-15-11  06:07 pm
Thinning Out The HerdDrew Bahlmann06-30-11  11:41 am
Tobacco traded for pipe(s)Earl06-21-11  11:29 pm
1776 Royal London Dock for tradeHal Harker06-19-11  07:39 am
More Tins For TradeMark Irwin06-10-11  05:24 pm
TRIPLE PLAY TradeMark Irwin05-19-11  11:43 am
Trade Nightcap for 965Ginger Baker05-16-11  02:45 pm
For Trade: Aged GL Pease & Marlin Flakesteven nathanson05-16-11  11:47 am
Trading US tobacco for UK tobaccoMatty05-13-11  06:54 pm
Tobacco TradeMichael Covello04-26-11  10:31 am
Tobacco trade - EMP and PenzanceMichael Rizzo04-20-11  05:00 pm
Tinsky Rhodesian WANTED!!Alexander N. Gerli04-12-11  11:50 am
Solani trade wanted John Cook02-23-11  12:47 pm
Tobacco TradeWarren Arthur02-11-11  08:53 am
Virginias for TradeDavid Huber02-07-11  07:28 pm
Large Size PipeDavid J Miller02-05-11  07:57 am
Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. WantedMatty01-30-11  09:52 am
Wanted: Nat Sherman 307Stephen01-29-11  06:09 pm
Deluxe Navy Rolls for tradeBoone Peabody01-25-11  08:18 am
Tobacco for tradePeter Grivins01-23-11  10:23 am
Looking to trade some tobacco.David J Miller01-12-11  02:18 am
Medico Pipe WANTEDMelvin S. Schwartz01-02-11  09:14 am
Having Balkan or English sitting in kolkata, India.mitch mark barmash12-21-10  01:27 am
For trade: Sam Gawith Cannon Plug for unopened SG tinpaul yablo12-20-10  02:12 pm
Trading...Michael Covello12-17-10  09:36 pm
Penzance bulk half poundSteve Wilkins12-05-10  07:27 pm
Ashton's Consumate Gentlemen for trade Philip John Davies12-04-10  09:45 am
Dunhill 965 for trademitch mark barmash12-01-10  09:28 pm
Sillems BlackDavid J Miller11-22-10  11:08 pm
Peace pipechristopher nicholso11-13-10  01:59 am
MacBaren Cube TradeDavid Huber10-17-10  11:28 am
Mc 2015 Trade Mike McAlexander10-14-10  11:09 am
Squadron leader tin for tradeSteve Wilkins10-13-10  12:59 am
Unsmoked Winslowsmitch mark barmash10-08-10  12:56 pm
Estate Pipes WantedChritopher D Arnt09-28-10  09:24 am
Dunhill 965 for tradeSteve Wilkins09-18-10  11:13 am
Penzance tinsSteve Wilkins09-18-10  01:58 am
For Trade: Dorchester VaPer / othersmitch mark barmash09-10-10  03:03 pm
For Trade: 2 cans MacBaren Burley LondonMatty09-09-10  12:31 pm
Looking to acquire Orlik Golden Slice.Michael Mai07-30-10  11:48 am
Looking for Edgeworth tobaccoEarl07-28-10  12:00 pm
S. Bangmitch mark barmash07-25-10  12:05 pm
Nording Hunter-pipeswilliam krogh lundsg07-24-10  07:37 am
WANTED: KIRSTEN PIPE/Travel/stubby pipeswilliam krogh lundsg07-20-10  02:11 pm
Wanted: Sillems Black or GL Gentlemen CallersRonald Evans07-07-10  08:23 pm
Penzance tradeMelvin S. Schwartz06-28-10  07:47 am
For Trade: Solani Aged Burley Flake/Wessex Burley SliceMartin Brogan06-09-10  12:26 pm
Good Aromatic Wantedsteve r. hanover06-05-10  04:15 pm
Wanted! "Pipes: Artisans and TradeMarks" by JM Lopesjosť manuel lopes05-04-10  08:11 pm
Wanted: Dr. Plumb Churchwardenwilliam krogh lundsg05-04-10  06:59 pm
Looking for a 5-7 pipe bagwilliam krogh lundsg05-04-10  06:56 pm
10 - 1oz samples of CD for tradeMichael Mai05-02-10  03:54 pm
Former's Provate Flake and Davidoff Blue Mixture for tradeJohn Ellis04-19-10  07:41 am
Wanted: Carey pipe with Lucite stemNeal Lampley04-11-10  04:29 pm
Dunhill Royal Yachtscott sinclair03-17-10  08:53 am
WTT for a pipe bowl of penzanceTal Anderson03-01-10  08:30 pm
4 burley / aromatic tins for tradeMark Irwin02-28-10  02:28 pm
McCranie's Red Ribbon 2000 for TradeMark Irwin02-28-10  02:27 pm
McClelland's Christmas Cheer 2005 Morgan Abramson02-23-10  08:12 pm
Dunhill sealed tins for trade.LLOYD DUBROY02-23-10  03:35 pm
Three sealed Dunhill tins to swap or 8oz can of Chelsea Morningrob van loon02-19-10  03:13 pm
3 tins for swap/tradePhilip John Davies02-18-10  07:39 pm
Squadron Leader for tradePhilip John Davies02-17-10  02:33 pm
Tobacco for tradeMorgan Abramson02-16-10  09:29 am
Stokkebye Black Currant Cavendish for tradeMark Yusko02-06-10  08:52 am
Have old sealed Haddo's Delight and Barbary Coast~2002Thomas Tkach01-21-10  08:30 pm
For trade: Peterson Irish Oak and Dan Devil's HolidayGreg Seto01-05-10  10:54 am
Deacons downfallLoren Grace01-05-10  10:54 am
Christmas TobaccoMike McAlexander12-30-09  09:13 am
GLPease: Haddo's Delight - will trade for VAPerDane Marijan12-29-09  10:41 pm
SG Black XX up for tradeBob W.12-26-09  10:41 am
C&D Haunted Bookshop, MC #2015 and some aromaticsDave 11-01-09  07:45 pm
Trade: MB Black AmbrosiaDavid Huber10-30-09  07:06 am
Troost Slices wanted for any UK supermarket tobaccoPhilip Fox10-15-09  03:13 am
Trade: Penzance for StonehavenJerry Hyman10-13-09  01:29 pm
Willmers, Kabiks, Blatters, Jandrews, Sam Martins, A.MarksTodd L. Platek10-08-09  05:53 pm
WANTED: GBD 9438 Stephen J. Bridges09-18-09  12:56 pm
Castello Optimo for TradeRobert McGee09-17-09  12:26 pm
TradeNukesimi09-15-09  10:40 pm
6-yr-old McClelland Arcadia availableLarry Bobrowski09-08-09  07:59 am
LL Bean PipesEric L. Shuler09-07-09  11:34 am
Aromatics availableLarry Bobrowski09-03-09  11:03 pm
Wanted: Solani: X - Sweet MysteryDov Wiseman08-08-09  02:36 am
Opening Night C&Dsteven nathanson08-03-09  12:08 pm
Source for Brigham "Sportsman pipes"Paul Tummers13 07-29-09  09:11 am
Wanted: TV Pipe or Table PipeIan07-24-09  04:52 am
Wanted: Pease Filmore or just something goodLevi Papiernik07-02-09  06:35 am
Boswells for tradeQuigg Lawrence23 06-16-09  10:34 pm
TradeDavid H Daniel06-06-09  07:39 am
Trade; Two Friends Valle Crucis and Sam Malloy's No. 4Tom Mueller05-31-09  07:55 am
Tobacco Trade: My 2 for Your 1Jeff Avery05-28-09  07:54 pm
Royal yacht, irish oakDillon H05-28-09  03:19 pm
Perique for tradeRich Henry05-25-09  08:25 pm
Several La and Per blends for trade (aromatics)Robert J. Saul II05-24-09  07:38 am
Spilman Mixture for TradeKevin Geijer05-16-09  07:07 pm
TRADE: Plumcake for tradeJ Richardson04-30-09  07:00 pm
Meerschaum replacement bowlsDAVID IRVING04-20-09  10:09 pm
TRADE: Dunhill for Dunhillsteven nathanson04-12-09  07:47 pm
Wanted: Peterson's Pipe of the Year 2007 Hitch Colas04-11-09  04:06 pm
Unopened tin tradeMatty03-30-09  06:46 pm
965 tinDavid Fredrickson03-28-09  11:39 am
Tobacco for tradeFred Whittenberger03-24-09  02:54 pm
Orion's arrow wantedHitch Colas03-17-09  08:35 pm
Trade Kaywoodie Majestic for Poker Style Scott Irwin02-24-09  02:14 pm
For trade (UK only)Matthew Hallworth02-24-09  11:09 am
Wanted: A few flakessteven nathanson02-20-09  02:29 pm
Trade: Classic English Briar(s) for U/fnshd DublinsStephen Kevin Conkie02-19-09  01:13 pm
Butz-Choquin Cybele for tradeStephen Kevin Conkie02-19-09  07:27 am
Tradesteven nathanson02-05-09  02:02 am
Wanted: St Bruno FlakeAaron 02-01-09  09:03 pm
Looking for a bent Ardor in tradeDrew Bahlmann01-28-09  07:48 pm
Tradesteven nathanson01-24-09  09:13 am
Lot of Milan Tobacconists Samplers 8oz in allDave 01-19-09  02:17 pm
Tradematt01-18-09  12:10 pm
Tobacco To Trade: Solani Aged Burley Flake & Schurch OynxJeff Avery01-15-09  07:55 pm
Peterson Sherlock Squirestuart01-11-09  09:41 am
C.A.O. "Sam Malloy's No. 4" to tradeTom Mueller01-01-09  07:37 pm
Tins of DunhillEduardo12-23-08  02:15 pm
Various blends for tradesteven nathanson12-23-08  01:23 am
G. H. & Co. sampler and other tobacco trade?jeff A12-18-08  10:58 pm
For trade: Dark Twist by MacbarenChris Tipton12-18-08  03:48 pm
Jobey spare part(s)?Gonzalo Parra Camill12-16-08  04:36 pm
Presbyterian Mixture and Blackwoods Flake for TradeBrian Wilson12-14-08  01:57 pm
S Shaped Stem On ChurchwardenDrew Bahlmann12-14-08  01:42 am
To trade Mac-Baren Virginia#1steven nathanson12-13-08  06:46 pm
McClelland's Grand Orientals Yenice AgonyaJoe MacDonald12-13-08  01:30 pm
Tobaccos to tradeChuck Marshall12-12-08  09:59 pm
The Chief's own - Curly Cut No. 598Frank12-12-08  01:11 pm
McClelland Holiday Spirit for tradeBrian Wilson12-09-08  07:09 pm
McClelland Honeydew to tradeFred Whittenberger11-30-08  07:23 pm
Dark Star, Peterson's Lux blend to tradePeter Grivins11-30-08  02:08 pm
Trade wanted: Cumberland, Penzance, Stonehaven, Presby, Navy FlakesEd Rowe11 11-22-08  07:39 pm
Trade Fox & Hound and 4 other blends for BURLEYScott Irwin11-20-08  07:43 pm
In Search of a Uniquely Stemmed PipeDrew Bahlmann11-19-08  06:47 pm
M&T ALLWETTER PIPE 3460 Robin Holmes11-19-08  01:24 pm
WTT Sealed Tub of Prince Albert: Looking for Edgeworth RR or Carter...Dave 11-18-08  10:48 pm
Many, many blends for tradejeff A11-14-08  10:08 pm
For Trade I will be adjusting my Cellar for the next MonthJeff Avery11-14-08  06:20 pm
Trade wanted steven nathanson11-13-08  06:55 pm
For Trade 12 Blends {Tins, Bulks & Vintage}Jeff Avery10-30-08  07:44 pm
Up for trade...Dan Hyatt10-30-08  03:21 pm
ISO Pipes & Tobacco MagazineDonald E Johnson10-27-08  08:56 pm
Sherlock Holmes style CalabashHywel Moelwyn Hughes10-19-08  07:08 pm
WANTED Dunhill Box of 1916 to 1918Takeshi Kenn Sakurai10-05-08  12:01 pm
Leather pipe holder for overalls.Tom Mueller09-28-08  11:46 pm
Steel's WW1 PipesDAVID IRVING09-28-08  05:47 pm
I will trade Full tin of Night Cap for Good BurleyScott Irwin09-28-08  07:04 am
Tobacco for tradeScott Huntsberger09-25-08  06:56 pm
Carved briar in likeness of a Saint Bernard?Tom Mueller09-24-08  10:39 pm
I.S.O. Oom PaulWayne S Benge09-23-08  06:19 pm
ISO Smokers Haven Our Best BlendJohn Cook09-05-08  06:05 pm
C&D Habana DayDreamDoug Turner09-05-08  01:25 am
NASPC "Hobbit/Tolkien" 2008 Tobacco Tin For TradeDavid Fredrickson08-29-08  11:37 am
Tobacco treadSamir Ben Abid08-27-08  09:47 pm
Good pipe bacci in AustraliaWarren Arthur08-16-08  09:52 pm
Bombay Extra for tradeDrew Bahlmann08-12-08  08:50 am
C&D Old Joe Krantz Sample To TradeDavid Fredrickson07-21-08  10:08 am
Wanted: Savinelli teflon insertsLev Kelbert07-13-08  08:09 am
Cutty Pipe desiredDov Wiseman07-09-08  07:25 am
Peterson pipe stemDavid Brown07-06-08  08:19 pm
Spilman Mixture for TradeBrian Wilson06-10-08  09:17 am
McClelland Xmas Cheer 2007David H Daniel06-09-08  05:00 pm
A few different Aro's to tradeNick Buckley06-01-08  02:48 am
Black Frigate for Old IronsideJoe MacDonald05-31-08  06:33 pm
Dunhill lighter for Dunhill pipe?Tom Furnari05-31-08  09:09 am
Altadis Black Cordial for him who wants itEdward Scott05-29-08  09:04 pm
Christmas Cheer 2006 100g to tradeTim Gordon05-28-08  12:46 pm
Erinmore and Dominican Glory MaduroTim Gordon05-27-08  04:17 pm
1792 to tradeNick Buckley05-06-08  07:41 am
Peterson Tobacco For TradeTom Burkhart05-03-08  07:23 pm
Trade Dunhill Blends?Xious Sonenberg05-03-08  11:43 am
Wanted: Lane Latakia #1 (No. 316)Xious Sonenberg05-03-08  11:42 am
Autumn Evening and othersNick Buckley04-29-08  09:46 pm
Another Huge Trade From FloridaJared Dusthimer10 04-19-08  10:32 am
Chacom Meerschaum-lined Briar for TradeBrian Wilson04-14-08  01:07 pm
MacBaren Vanilla Cream Flake to TradeDave L.04-14-08  09:10 am
13 Blends Some Vintage, Tins & BulksJeff Avery04-13-08  02:49 pm
Big trade list...Dunhill, C&D, Mac B, MC 2015, IRCDave 11 04-09-08  02:10 pm
All this, for a little C&D Grant W. Armstrong04-02-08  07:56 pm
Eric Nording Hunter Series pipesBrian Wilson04-02-08  12:55 pm
Tobacco for tradeGrant W. Armstrong03-22-08  10:26 am
Many sealed tins for tradeJohn Stambaugh03-16-08  01:18 pm
Many Blends for Trade Vintage, Sealed Tins, Open & BulksJeff Avery03-16-08  11:20 am
Pipes by Former and Tonni NielsenIan Minton03-11-08  11:54 am
Gawith Hoggarth Dark Flake unscented & Dark Birdseye to tradeeddy03-06-08  12:35 pm
Erinmore Flake (Murray) to TradeMark Richards03-01-08  08:05 pm
HH Mature Virginia to TradeGrant W. Armstrong02-28-08  04:35 pm
C & D Old Hollywood to tradeGrant W. Armstrong02-25-08  04:00 pm
Vintage Edgeworth Slices 10 Yr Old , Dobie's 4 Square Yr Old, 1/2 &...Jeff Avery02-22-08  06:37 pm
Butz-Choquin CalabashBill Young02-19-08  02:54 pm
Kaywoodie Pipe wanted (w/ link to pictures)Duane Mathes F&AM02-19-08  04:48 am
Wanted: Peterson's 140th anniversary pipe!Dave Iremonger02-18-08  11:53 am
MacBaren Original Choice to TradeJeff Avery02-15-08  02:56 pm
Penzance and St James Woods for tradeeddy02-15-08  02:03 pm
C&D Pirate Kake for tradeMichael McAlexander02-15-08  08:44 am
McClelland Dominican Glory Maduro for Tradekiefer02-12-08  12:33 am
Petersons 2007 Special Reserve Michael D Sharum Sr.02-11-08  04:06 pm
Wanted G&H Dark Birdseye / Kendal Lots to TradeShaiy A. Dalton02-09-08  01:04 am
Will buy Dr.Grabow's pipe sweetnerNathan A. Tomasch02-08-08  03:21 pm
20 Blends For Trade - Tins Open & Sealed + BulksJeff Avery02-08-08  03:13 am
Sammy G Flakes for trade, FVF, BB, BalkanDave 02-06-08  02:55 pm
WTB: Savinelli 1990 CollectionChris Fodera02-06-08  09:05 am
Lots of Tobacco to TradeBrian Wilson02-05-08  02:35 pm
Pipe for tradeDavid 02-04-08  05:08 pm
Nimrod parts needed Walter_lars02-04-08  02:48 pm
Hearth&Home Bulk Frenchy's Sunza Bitches to tradeeddy01-29-08  08:20 am
PENZANCE TO TRADESteve Garland01-27-08  08:07 pm
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