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Where is everyone?Patrick Hedgeman29 02-27-19  08:26 pm
Peterson Pipes Acquired Patrick Hedgeman07-20-18  09:02 am
Savinelli balsa systemPatrick Hedgeman27 07-14-18  04:36 pm
Article: "FDA's Unauthorized War on Pipes and Cigars" Patrick Hedgeman07-13-18  06:14 am
Mac Baren - HH Balkan BlendPatrick Hedgeman07-13-18  06:14 am
Lacquer finish restorationPatrick Hedgeman07-11-18  06:25 pm
Three NunsPatrick Hedgeman13 07-10-18  09:57 pm
Article on Corncob PipesSteve Beaty07-09-18  10:01 pm
Review - C & D - Billy Budd Blonde Patrick Hedgeman07-07-18  01:16 pm
In the News: Pipe Tobacco Seizures in Canada Patrick Hedgeman07-07-18  01:16 pm
Sold My Dunhill & Here's WhyPaul Tummers14 05-16-18  01:25 pm
Hooray For FalconsElwood Carter12 09-11-17  08:03 pm
Places to buy custom meerschaum pipesKen Teicher08-24-16  01:02 pm
Check out my new pipeJohn Fruhmann18 05-28-16  12:55 pm
Greetings from The West RidingJonathan Stauber04-29-16  12:20 pm
I come from a long line of pipe smokerskenneth cooke02-24-16  12:29 am
New to this forumDeath Metal10-11-15  09:37 pm
My new meerschaumSamil Sermet04-23-15  04:40 am
Brand new member!Gene Szymanski02-08-13  11:48 am
Just saying helloTony Suvie01-28-13  01:25 pm
Just gotta show off these beautiesPeter J. Fusco01-26-13  08:54 pm
Four favoritesWilliam H. Davis01-17-13  01:03 pm
Another year nearly done and dustedTony Suvie12-20-12  10:41 pm
Pipe People PicturesPipe Smoker334 12-05-12  08:33 am
Hello from Hemel HempsteadGene Szymanski10-12-12  10:23 pm
McClelland Black ShagMelvin S. Schwartz09-13-12  11:39 am
Never gave it a thought like this before but.....Tony Suvie06-27-12  09:28 am
Lanier Pipe Smokers ClubShaun Dollins03-03-12  06:53 pm
My New PipeNeal Lampley02-21-12  09:20 am
English ShapesJesse Silver10-20-11  02:05 am
A Hello and a thank youC. M. Gilmore10-14-11  12:14 pm
Pipe Smoking at UniversityC. M. Gilmore18 10-14-11  10:40 am
A bit of of taleC. M. Gilmore10-14-11  10:13 am
New tobacco in old cansWarren Arthur16 10-10-11  02:47 am
Stem tightening, like magicSteven Rossellini09-24-11  04:51 pm
Gettin' to know Ya! Cliff Byers09-22-11  09:49 am
Milwaukee Area Pipe SocietyDave Neeb09-06-11  11:24 am
Adam RemingtonCarlos Varas08-07-11  11:07 am
New to the forum and back to smoking pipesRusty Nail07-31-11  01:59 pm
San Diego Pipe Club June MeetingCharles Kushner06-04-11  05:06 pm
Delayed PADChris Peterson12 05-16-11  09:27 pm
No new threads with a question here!Melvin S. Schwartz05-16-11  12:11 pm
An Interesting Pipe-Tobacco BlendHenry C05-14-11  11:18 pm
IN PRIASE OF THE NOT-SO-LOWLYCOBTony Suvie31 05-06-11  07:17 am
New To The Forum and HobbyWayne Current04-27-11  11:57 am
San Diego Pipe Club April MeetingMelvin S. Schwartz04-06-11  11:16 am
Cuddos are in order.Boone Peabody03-10-11  01:58 pm
My new pipesphillip kearney03-09-11  09:05 am
San Diego Pipe Club March Meeting this ThursdayCharles Kushner03-07-11  06:27 pm
A pipe I got from a newer pipemakerRonald Evans02-25-11  12:02 pm
Dear AustinitesMelvin S. Schwartz02-17-11  12:16 pm
San Diego Pipe Club February Meeting this ThursdayCharles Kushner02-13-11  06:38 pm
Cob Actionsmokey strodtman15 02-12-11  10:43 pm
Dark starStephen02-08-11  09:55 am
Introduction - pipesmoker here from the UK.David Tipping01-23-11  11:03 am
Mac Baren Navy MixtureDavid J Miller01-12-11  01:32 am
Meerschaum David Johnson11 01-01-11  03:10 pm
Pipe collectionMatthew Popoff161 12-12-10  08:08 pm
Drying methodNicholas Wayne12-07-10  11:53 am
1st Freehand, same pipe, new lookThomas Tkach17 11-22-10  07:48 pm
Lose The Oxidation EasilyKevin Durling11-06-10  11:53 pm
Pipe I brought back from my holiday in TurkeyKevin Durling11-06-10  11:45 pm
Loss to the Canadian Pipe community- broken pipeKevin Durling11-06-10  11:27 pm
JirsaMichael Kimmerly11-05-10  07:38 am
Captain Black by the CanJOHN R HORNYAK10-04-10  03:11 pm
Sometimes life is sweet.Gene Szymanski08-30-10  09:20 am
My first try at blendingThomas Tkach12 08-29-10  10:58 pm
Hello All,just found this siteWayne R. Van Horn08-24-10  07:24 am
Pipe smoking makes a comebackBarrett Brown45 08-10-10  12:51 pm
Squadron LeaderMelvin S. Schwartz18 07-23-10  05:41 pm
Hello allLEROY KINGMAN07-23-10  11:54 am
I got 2 more Blatter 2 dotsmitch mark barmash07-08-10  07:12 pm
Pre Transition Barling CatalogueJesse Silver07-05-10  07:18 am
A hello! And a story.Thomas Tkach06-26-10  11:09 am
My New WallensteinDavid Huber06-21-10  09:52 pm
Cannon PlugTony Suvie05-26-10  07:15 am
Eirk Nording Making PipesJay Bardsley05-17-10  09:28 am
A cob with a Churchwarden Forever Stem from Dave Wolff/Walker Briar...JOHN R HORNYAK05-16-10  02:40 pm
1 lb Cannon plugTony Suvie05-12-10  07:40 am
Estate Pipeswilliam krogh lundsg05-04-10  06:52 pm
Sunset RumIan Mc04-18-10  10:52 am
Here Are My PipesIan Mc04-18-10  10:49 am
IntroductionHenry C04-17-10  07:46 pm
My First PenzanceJason Ayres12 04-15-10  10:42 pm
Mushroom pipeKevin Durling04-08-10  02:32 pm
Oh Lucky Me!Louis Beason04-07-10  12:38 am
Zippo pipe lighterJim McGoran38 03-29-10  01:13 pm
Intro and my first B&M visitEarl03-24-10  09:26 pm
Iwan & RiesTal Anderson03-20-10  09:48 pm
Peterson Meerschaum #999Irish_newbie03-20-10  09:38 pm
Just wanted to say thanks.Michael Kaminsky18 03-18-10  09:29 am
Hello EveryoneTony Suvie03-16-10  09:58 pm
1st "Restoration" Successhermann taube16 03-15-10  08:55 pm
Tried Cpt Black GoldThomas A. Rogel03-13-10  04:29 pm
4Noggins - A Plesant suprise!James Morton03-13-10  09:42 am
Peterson's Sherlock Holmes Series MeerschaumIrish_newbie03-01-10  07:25 pm
Can't Make Virginia Bite! Tony Suvie02-22-10  02:29 pm
First smoke in new SavEugene Ruiz02-18-10  09:55 pm
Peterson's Perfect PlugIrish_newbie02-18-10  06:35 am
Half and HalfTony Suvie11 02-17-10  09:38 pm
SUPER affordable Tsuge pipes!Tony Suvie02-14-10  01:09 pm
Hello, thought I would share my experianceMichael Kaminsky02-09-10  05:57 pm
Filling Without Rubbing with VA FlakeTony Suvie01-26-10  09:18 am
Gepetto Pipes by Ser JacopoTodd L. Platek01-03-10  01:20 pm
The pipe that this smoker refusedPaul Tummers01-02-10  09:45 am
Mac Baren Honey&Chocolaterob van loon12-30-09  12:36 pm
A Sad NotePeter Grivins12-27-09  07:40 pm
My new pipe!Todd L. Platek26 12-25-09  08:55 pm
Ghosts can be pleasurable!Thomas Tkach12-22-09  01:57 pm
MacBaren HH Mature VirginiaDallas Beikes12-17-09  10:20 am
Didn't like SG Kendal CreamJohn Cook10 12-16-09  12:09 pm
Bill Taylor has DiedHunter TRW12-06-09  10:40 am
TAD Jackpot!Thomas Tkach12-03-09  03:55 pm
First enjoyable VA smokeThomas Tkach12-02-09  03:07 pm
Essay - Among the PipemenMartin Cain12-02-09  09:09 am
Mastro Beraldi PipeJames MacKay11-17-09  12:43 pm
DIY Rustication ResultsThomas Tkach11 11-16-09  06:11 pm
Free TobaccoSL Clemens11-13-09  10:52 am
I did it!!!Brian L. Honekman12 11-03-09  07:21 pm
BIC style lightersHawkwood10-20-09  09:43 am
Reaming airholesmokey strodtman10-13-09  09:42 pm
Grinding tobaccosmokey strodtman10-13-09  09:34 pm
Funny how your tastes changesmokey strodtman10-13-09  08:58 pm
Frank method packing.smokey strodtman20 10-13-09  08:46 pm
New SavinalliMatty10-12-09  08:42 pm
Nat Sherman 518 tinJack Corcoran10-05-09  08:09 am
My Pipe Smoking Exploration BlogEllis Spear09-26-09  08:40 am
Stanwell pipe of the year 2009rob van loon09-09-09  02:59 am
New to forumPaul Tummers08-26-09  01:42 pm
My first pokersDavid12 08-15-09  07:05 pm
David P Erlich Co.Todd L. Platek07-31-09  09:33 am
Thank You PIPES.ORG !Lloyd Cole07-08-09  11:15 pm
Stanwell ClosingMassimo Aiello06-19-09  03:55 pm
First Ebay pipe!William Roy MacIntos06-06-09  04:01 pm
Nice Little Vauen Videorob van loon05-25-09  01:27 pm
Some you win, some you losestephen lichtenberg05-17-09  09:16 am
Final RotationLouis Beason05-06-09  12:06 pm
Wow! I get it now!Scott Rakowski05-02-09  06:25 pm
My experience....Guillermo Ruizlimon04-27-09  09:10 pm
First PipeRobert J. Saul II18 04-20-09  05:45 pm
"The Magic Pipe"Melvin S. Schwartz37 04-17-09  02:10 pm
Nuther NewbieChuck Wright04-16-09  05:37 am
Newbie hereMelvin S. Schwartz04-14-09  12:02 pm
Improving my SmokesJack Corcoran04-09-09  07:12 pm
Got A Case Of PAD The Other Day...john Fordham04-02-09  11:30 am
"All About Tobacco" by Milton M. Sherman pdf downloadMelvin S. Schwartz04-02-09  07:06 am
Newbie saying helloDerrick Hemphill04-01-09  07:04 pm
My New PetersonsHarvey Click04-01-09  12:54 am
Im new round here :-)...Melvin S. Schwartz03-30-09  05:57 am
My new Svendborg padouk pipeGig Azar03-28-09  04:29 pm
Butera's Pelican BlendGig Azar03-28-09  04:25 pm
Mehmet missed!ROBERT BEWIG03-27-09  08:27 am
Trying Cannon PlugW. A. Lanman03-21-09  02:47 pm
Visited Iwan Reis in ChicagoHitch Colas03-18-09  09:54 pm
Flake much better than its reputationScott Irwin03-18-09  05:41 pm
Dry Tobacco And Tamping Often, The Method Worked For Mejohn Fordham03-17-09  07:12 pm
Pipe iconsElmer Bringas03-14-09  12:31 pm
My new Chacom Smart DublinGarrett Selvheyt03-14-09  09:22 am
Discovered Stanwell Pipes and 1Q and Loving BothJames MacKay03-03-09  11:02 am
My vintage Mac Baren tobacco'srob van loon42 03-01-09  05:05 pm
A Good SmokerDave Alton02-28-09  07:04 pm
Stanwell Hexagon 171, RO 25, 9mm Filter Aleš02-28-09  09:07 am
Pipe Club of London - new website & open membershipAleš02-28-09  06:47 am
My Pipe PicturesWayne Dunlap12 02-27-09  07:54 am
Grousemoor - I like itGerard Carroll02-19-09  05:49 pm
My most satisfying smoke ever...Matthew Hallworth02-19-09  03:03 pm
I bought a new Tsuge pipe!Tsuge Miller02-16-09  05:48 pm
Heaven on EarthJack Corcoran02-10-09  10:32 pm
Aged VirginianJoe 02-04-09  10:56 am
Home Made Pipe RackAleš53 01-30-09  05:06 pm
GLP Fillmore warningIan Minton17 01-26-09  04:03 pm
My first pipe smokeKurt Toelken01-24-09  02:44 pm
Pipe Stand Closer to completionSydPiper 01-24-09  11:34 am
NYC Pipe ShopsJohn Curtis16 01-24-09  11:12 am
Flattened pipeChuck Wright01-03-09  07:14 am
A very Merry ChristmasMark Stockton12-29-08  09:40 am
New pipe club - Central Indiana Pipe Club, USATom Nadratowski12-26-08  06:34 pm
Christmas PADNathaniel H. Haslage12-26-08  10:21 am
New ShureWood briar pipeAndrew Romack12-23-08  07:34 pm
My First J.M. BoswellAndrew Romack11 12-21-08  07:19 pm
Pipeworks and WilkeRick Dahms20 12-14-08  11:09 pm
My First Quasi Online Baccy OrderTim12-12-08  05:32 pm
Here is something unexpected...James MacKay12-12-08  10:51 am
On plugs and ropesLouis Beason17 12-10-08  10:50 am
Local Pipe Shops / Aldo VelaniMike Peters12-09-08  10:13 pm
My new Mastro Beraldi PipesSydPiper 12-06-08  10:38 am
Here is what I did...Harvey Click12-05-08  12:04 am
Nov bacy order - SG and othersTim15 11-30-08  05:39 pm
Stanwell year 2008 pipePaul Tummers14 11-27-08  02:01 pm
KNOCK KNOCK. Who's there? TAD!!!!Nathaniel H. Haslage11-21-08  01:53 pm
A simple pleasureSydPiper 11-18-08  12:04 am
Pipe magicHarvey Click11-15-08  03:59 pm
PAD Attack Nets a New NordingRobert McGee11-12-08  08:04 pm
My pipe came in!!!Jason Pettit15 11-10-08  01:09 pm
First Pipe Smoke,, EverJohn Mundorff11-06-08  07:18 pm
Yet Another Post about PenzanceSydPiper 11 11-04-08  10:10 am
I have found perfectionMark S09-25-08  08:57 am
C&D Bayou Morning Fermentaion ExperianceGregJ09-20-08  01:53 am
New Pipe I MadeKevin Durling10 08-29-08  07:21 pm
"The Mystery of the Stolen Pipes"Melvin S. Schwartz03-30-08  01:08 pm
My Pipe CollectionMartin Niemann35 03-25-08  02:38 pm
The gift of a pipeKevin Durling03-15-08  02:50 pm
Rhino pipeKevin Durling03-15-08  02:40 pm
Bullfrog pipeJ03-07-08  10:51 am
Coke for cleanMichael D Sharum Sr.03-05-08  11:42 am
Love at First sight!Todd Bannard11 02-29-08  08:37 pm
Newest pipe to my collectionMichael A. Kupsch 02-29-08  08:37 am
Old is new againcooper11 02-28-08  03:42 pm
Why I love a Dunhill sandblast!rob van loon21 02-18-08  04:00 am
Tsuge E-StarPeter Doyle02-12-08  02:53 pm
New pipe!.....don't tell the wife!David Craun02-02-08  06:35 pm
Sanda pipeJames Cobb02-01-08  09:23 am
T.J. 's small slightly larger than previous pipe collectionMartin Niemann01-26-08  11:22 am
Opening a 25 year old tin of Fairmorn's custom blend 242David Craun01-19-08  10:28 am
Just "won" a Erik Nrding!Jonas Lindgren01-15-08  05:41 pm
My Newest Pipe - Savinelli EstellaLEROY KINGMAN01-14-08  05:13 pm
New LighterLEROY KINGMAN23 01-14-08  05:05 pm
Another E. weaver creationRyan Edward11 01-07-08  11:04 pm
Hello together and greetings from FranceMartin Niemann01-07-08  01:26 pm
My newest Peterson pipe.Martin Niemann01-05-08  10:47 am
EverydayGene Szymanski12 01-02-08  12:05 pm
New experiences...Chuck Wright01-01-08  11:05 am
First bout of TADLEROY KINGMAN12-31-07  06:37 pm
The art of pipe making and lessons I've learnedKevin Durling10 12-24-07  10:02 am
My new Ser Jacopo pipejeff A12-23-07  06:39 pm
New pipe smoker from GreeceKalos Vassilis18 12-19-07  01:55 pm
Kind of newCory11 12-18-07  02:47 pm
Greetings, My First Postjames robert11 12-18-07  11:02 am
JM Boswells Raspberry Cremecarlos felipe morais12-04-07  11:17 am
TADWayne S Benge12-02-07  11:10 pm
Hello - new member here...LEROY KINGMAN11-29-07  06:14 pm
Newbie.....once again!LEROY KINGMAN11-29-07  05:54 pm
New pipe, thoughts on designTodd Bannard19 11-24-07  08:05 pm
Dreamer's dayMichael Schulz11-09-07  09:00 am
Last Week's PAD Panacea...Kevin Durling11-07-07  06:30 pm
Another Pipe I madeTom Kendall10-20-07  10:55 pm
My New BoswellsEric Melby10-20-07  03:39 pm
Finally, A Hungarian that doesn't gurgleBill Young15 10-18-07  11:31 am
Tenth Northern California Pipe and Cigar ShowJim McClanahan10 10-17-07  11:45 am
T.J.'s small budding pipe collectionT.J. Wehrley10-12-07  01:16 am
Acylic Pipes Rack - Drawingcarlos beceiro10-10-07  08:33 am
The third pipe's a keeper!Roland Edgerton10-01-07  10:23 pm
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