frigid friday post

Aside from the fact that the last few days has brought extreme cold and snow to the Rocky Mountains our pipe smoking has not ceased. In fact the weather has given me a chance to try a few new blends as I brave the elements.

1. Altadis/Sutliff Fox and Hound
A traditional smoke for the discriminating English smoker, this mix of Red Virginia, Turkish, Burley, Latakia, and Perique is of medium strength and guaranteed to please.
This tobacco comes in a 1.5oz pouch and is little pricier than the pouch aromatics but well worth the extra. It is a wonderful mild blend with just a hint of Perique to entice the tongue on cold mornings or midday. I would highly recommend this for a beginner to English blends or for a more experienced smoker to enjoy as an all day smoke.

2. Sutliff #5
A robust English blend with character. Plenty of Latakia, Pressed Virginia and Burley provide the base.
A lot more potent than the fox and hound but not overly so. Another great tobacco for the crossover from Aromatics or for the all day English smoker. I have enjoyed this tobacco in both cob and my nosewarmer beast the last few days and it has been well received by my palette. No tongue bite, a pleasing aroma and a glorious taste..

3. Sutliff Great Outdoors
Air cured Burley and Black Cavendish combine with Vanilla flavoring
Not quite as pleasurable a smoke as the previous two. But definitely worth a try. The vanilla flavor is subdued. But as the name suggests this tobacco would fill my cob for a hike to the grocer for supplies or the liquor store for a spirits refill. A relaxing smoke filled with flavor and tranquility.. Nice aroma and more important it holds its flavor thru the bottom of the bowl.

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