So i ungraded to the new version of geeklog……and it wasn’t too pleasant…

The default "professional" style is none too easy to modify. Sigh. So, being who i am, i first hacked it to get things working, and then created my own style. "professional" has a lot of problems from my point of view. Actual pixel measurements: it really does change depending on what kind of screen (think PDA) one is using. Use em’s or percentages, unless you are specifying 0. A mixture of places where style information is placed: in the style.css (where it should be) and .thtml files. Overly complicated.

ANYWAY, i did what i seem to always do: fix it up. Simplified things. Now the default for the site is the result — i hope it looks okay. The good news is that geeklog is plenty flexible enough so i can do what i want…

To set the display of all links, set linksperpage in geeklog-1.4.1/plugins/links/config.php to 0. I wanted to remove all the "empty" description from the links. I ran the following SQL command: UPDATE gl_links SET description = " "

Also, for my records, I used gimp to edit pipe pictures by taken the picture with blue (think chormakey) background and then removing the background via:
Fuzzy Select
Threshold: 55
Click in background
Transparency, Add Alpha Channel
Rect Select
Then Crop
Autocrop Image

More fun. I ran into a MySQL error when i tried to log in. At one point i received a 1064 error, another point a 127. Turned out to be a corrupt table, gl_groups. First, i repaired the table using instructions from
Just to be safe, i then selected all the geeklog table and repair them all. No other errors were found. I then went in with phpMyAdmin and a backup i had make and recreated all the groups.
Upgrading mediagallery
%mkdir ~/public_html/
cp -r ~/public_html/geeklog-1.4.1/plugins/mediagallery/admin/* ~/public_html/
mkdir ~/public_html/
cp -r public_html/* ~/public_html/

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