GQ Tobacco Sweet Brown Maple Pigtail

From GQ tobaccos website

thin, hand spun twist. Made from strong Virginia’s and soaked in sweet Maple sugars. The resulting tobacco is ideal for slicing up and smoking in a pipe. The thin nature of the rope makes this more flavoursome than the thicker (Irish) twist, but more teedious to cut. We also carry this as a cut twist, perfect for loading straight in to the pipe. To smoke this is very rich and strong tobacco. The smoke is peppery with lots of earthy and musky flavours. The added maple, adds a little extra sweetness, but in no ways makes this your usual aromatic. Carries a very high nicotine hit too and is ideal for those who want a good replacement to cigarettes. A big hit in a short time frame, ideal in a small pipe for 5 minute smoke breaks.

This tobacco is also enjoyed as chewing tobacco. Thin pigtails like this have been chewed by first sailor and then miners, drivers and anyone else who cant smoke in there daily routine. When chewed, a sweet and very spicy flavour is released. Much stronger than the Oliver Twists and other Gawith Hoggarth Black (steamed) twists. Not recommended for those new to chewing..

GQ tobacco always carries this with Extra Flavour, so it may be a little sweeter than brought elsewhere. Even with the extra sugars, this is still a spicy smoke or chew!

Tobacco is made by Gawith Hoggarth and not available in the states. I was lucky enough to get a few samples from the “underground tobacco railroad” and it is worth the endeavor

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