Happy Anniversary to Paul Menard

9 months ago I was on Instagram as a regular and one of my IG friends led me to Paul Menard. While he had only been making pipes for a few months at that time, mostly from wood that was harvested on his property and using a lathe that he acquired from a neighbor, I was very impressed with his designs. I called them “da bomb”. I contacted Paul and started following him and it turned into a relationship at first of IMs and chats. At that time he was using Etsy store and was not getting much traffic.
So impressed I was with his designs I asked him if he would be interested in a PR piece on pipes.org as a new pipe maker. He agreed and we did the piece. In gratitude he sent me one of his early billiards which some became one of my favorites and still is.
Early in the fall of 2013 I asked him if he could design a monster nose warmer for me that was bent stem and massive bowl for those cold Colorado days. Within days My mailbox had this pipe in it and I was impressed. While we didn’t get the normal cold weather we normally get in CO the warmer got a fair bit of use this past winter and I am sure it will get more usage thru the next few decades.
A few weeks later an IM came thru from PAul which said that I should “stalk my mailbox”.. A beautiful shop pipe and leather pipe holster arrived. I wear the holster everyday with my spare pipe rotation..
Pauls Pipes are works of art from a very humble pipe maker in Santa Cruz CA.
While our conversations and chats have grown infrequent I still follow Paul and his pipes grace the pipes.org Facebook page at least once a week or so. Hard working and experimental designs are making Paul the maestro de pipa. If you don’t have a Pauls Pipe you are missing out on a true maestro.

Happy 1st anniversary Paul.


Sweet smokes,

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