Happy New Year

The frolicking of the holiday season kept me from proper celebration of the Cob Tuesday but I smoked my cob all day yesterday. Preparing for the New Years Celebration took a tole.

However this morning I am rested and enjoying a bowl of Sutliffs Field Master with my morning coffee. Defined on the label as a luxurious English mixture with Latakia and matured Virginias, this blend is a comforting day starter.

Opening the tin one is greeted with a subtle sweet smell and the bright yellow, brown and black tobaccos one would expect to see in an English blend. The tobacco is not overly moist and is packable without a wait. Lighting is easy and the smoke is not overly pungent and the room note is quite nice. All in all a good smoke.

I have smoked this tobacco on several occasions now and have even used it as an all day smoke several times. Never disappointed. All in all a pleasant smoke. One that would garner rotation level.

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