Heinrichs Special Curly

I know it has been a while since we post last but alas. Winter had found me in ill health and the palate was off it mark. With spring arriving both my health and my palate are on the up and thus I am able to get back to offering my palate for new wonders.
For those of us who were lucky enough to have enjoyed the old 3 nuns, and its Perique goodness, I have found an alternative. My friends across the pond suggested I give Special Curly a whirl. I have and I am hooked.
The paint can tin opens nicely to a ready to smoke mound of curly tabac disks ready to fill the bowl. The scent of plum and pepper is awesome and a reminder of days past. No drying time needed.
Fill the bowl loosely, pinky tamp and light. The simplicity of it all.
Sit back and enjoy the smoke. Smell the smoke and reminisce of days past when the scent of three nuns encompassed the smoking room.
Having enjoyed Heinrichs Dark Strong and now this I do believe a few more of Heinrichs tabacs will be gracing my cellar. Available in a 100g tin I do believe a few more of these will be acquired for the summer smoking season.
sweet and peppery smokes

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