I'm a 50 year old beginner

Dear Sirs,
First of all, I’m Japanese and having the limitation of English ability. So please excuse me for that.

My father passed away in October 2006 at the age of 84, and when I was 48. SInce I recognize things around I think when I was 4 years old, he was smoking cigarette and never seen him smoking a pipe.But after he passed away, when we were checking many of the old boxes he kept in the little room above the garage, there was a box full of pipes and related things. Things such as the reamers and glass made tool which looks like a tube used for experiments. It has the bubble shaped end to put the water in, and the steam comes out if you heat that end. It was the steam pipe cleaner.

All the pipes were covered with mildew and some were bought and some seemed to be made by himself. I asked my mother and she told me that the houses and flats (apartments) we lived in by renting were not allowed to smoke the pipe or the cigar. So switched to cigarette. I never knew about that but somehow strongly pulled my interest.

He passed away when I was leaving for Italu for business and my mother asked me to go because dad would tell me to do so if in case he was sick or something happened to him. So I came back when the funeral was over. But my dad’s friends invited me for the dinner and told me about the things they know and want me to share. They were all pipe smokers.

My father was working for the half public bank by means of "a kind of subsidiary" of the Bank of Japan, and relocated in D.C., Switzerland by himself to issue and sign the bond to generate the money to restore the society of Japan after the war. But the bank was in the unique position; half ministry owned and half BOJ owned and so he was in the position of the public servant. Which means he never get paid like those who were working for the corporate banks.

He had his first pipe experience when he was staying in DC. And kept all his pipes since then. But as the corporate servant, and from the poor nation with very limited budget, he couldn’t afford for nice pipes and home to rent which has no limitation for smoking.

Anyway, I started pipe smoking. Smoking my father’s old pipes. His friends took me to the Tsuge Pipe factory and all the pipes were sanitized, cleaned and restored. Pipe smoking is very enjoyable and I quit cigarette smoking naturally, and now just smoking the pipes only.

My dad always wanted a dog and so did I. And he made the dream come true when he was 55 and bought his own house. But somehow, he never started smoking the pipe again. I guess it was because of my mother but I really don’t know why.

Now I’m 50 and had my first dog and had the first opportunity to light the pipe and went out for a walk. I took my dad’s pipe with me and a can of pipe tobacco and went to the park. And suddenly tears come out from my eyes and felt my dad is somewhere near me.

I don’t know why and don’t care why. I had the unbelievable dose of joy with the pipe smoking with the sudden recall of the memories of my father.

Now I have many friends in the 80’s who are my dad’s colleagues and they are the mentors and the tutors of the pipe smoking. And I am having fun knowing the more about the pipe and pipe smoking.

So far, I burnt two pipes by drawing too rapidly and luckily, those were the ones which were given by my dad’s friends. Not my dad’s own. I learned the lesson and now, I am able to smoke without hurting the pipe. Last year, I became the member of one of the pipe smoker’s club in Tokyo and with those members, I will be going to the Show in Chicago which is the show my dad wanted to go. It was written on his diary as so. So I am taking my dad’s pipe and expecting to enjoy smoking there with him.

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