John Cottons Smyrma


When the boss says he left you a little something in his mailbox and says it was a bit balklany for his tastes. You know I had to try.
What I found was John Cottons Smyrma. Described as a combination of carefully matured Virginias, fragrant and zesty small-leaf Turkish tobaccos and plenty of Cyprian Latakia, John Cotton’s Smyrna is deep and bold, and a perfect meditative repast I was enchanted to give it a try.
Being a fan of 957, Balkan Delight and Bill Bailey’s Balkan Blend, Smyrma had to be both potent and flavorful. The tin aroma was pretty weak for a Balkan but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Loading up a Roma 3/4 bend, my usual Balkan pipe, I noticed it was a tad moist but workable. Lighting only took a few seconds with the Clipper. Smyrma was off to the races. The smokiness was there but the richness and spiciness lacked. I know that Russ is a master blender and all but in this tabac he cowered the Balkan down and made it more of a light English. Not impressive.
Smyrma makes a great all day not have to think about tobacco. And that is where it , in my opine, will go.
Into the pile of every day tobaccos.

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