Kentucky Planter in a homebrew briar

kentucky planter
The tin calls this tobacco a soft and aromatic blend of all AAA Burleys. SO I was expecting an aromatic when I opened the tin. I was greeted with a wonderous scent of vanilla and nutty aroma in a multi-colored slightly moist tabac. For this baccy I chose one of my new homebrew briar pipes that I have been seasoning with no nonsense straight tabacs since I built her a few weeks ago.. raw tabac on raw briar. Nothing better.

As I said the tabac was a bit moist as I loaded the bowl so I let it dry out a bit during my 15 minute commute this morning. By the time I lit the pipe as I arrived the tabac burned nicely. Dry to the touch.. One or two relights and the bowl was off and running. The vanilla subsided and the rich White Burley taste emanated in the smoky wonder.. All the way down to the bottom of the bowl. Leaving a nice white ash with very little dottle at the the bottom. A mild flavorful tabac and a definitive choice for joining the rotation of all day smokeabilty tabacs.

Sweet Smokes

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