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Kiko, meaning “pipe” in Swahili-Kiswahili to English translation, is probably the best known of the various brands listed below . In East Africa Meerschaum is found in Tanganyika, once known as German East Africa , and since 1964 part of the United Republic of Tanzania. The main deposit comes from the Amboseli basin surrounding the Lake Amboseli. Tanganyika Meerschaum is normally stained in shades of brown, black and yellow, and is considered to be inferior to Meerschaum from Turkey. Eventhough, the raw material is mined by the Tanganyika Meerschaum Corporation and to a large extent used for pipemaking. Uncounted pipemakers throughout the world were supplied with Amboseli Meerschaum, preferentially used for Meerschaum lined briars or leather-clad pipes. In Tanganyika the Kilimanjaro Pipe Company Ltd. produced
Caveman Fashioned from a piece of natural meerschaum.Every pipe is unique and – is in fact a geological specimen over a million years old.Attractively boxed.
Countryman(Elephant logo ) Block meerschaum with rustic finish either yellow or black.Individually boxed with protective chamois bag.
Huntsman Block meerschaum black or yellow rustic bowl.Bamboo and vulcanite stem.Individually boxed with chamois bag.
Hillibilly Block meerschaum,black or yellow corncob style finish.
Kiko Rough (Elephant logo) Old seasoned briar.Block meerschaum lined with black rustic finish.Individually boxed.
Kiko plain(Elephant logo) As for Kiko Rough but with smooth plum colour finish.
Kikob (Elephant logo) Hillibilly style Briar block meerschaum lined.
Kilimanjaro (Rhinoceros logo) East African pipewood Meerschaum lined and individually boxed.AvaiLable in black rough finish and natural smooth or rough finish.
Kilimanjaro Giant (Rhinoceros logo) Finish as for standart Kilimanjaro,but available in three shapes only.Bent,Billiard and Oval Pot.
Kudu (Giraffe Logo)
Makonde (Rhinoceros logo)
Merlin (Flying bird or Antelope logo)
Sportsman (Logos Elephant) Block meerschaum,covered with hand-sewn English pig-skin.Individually boxed.
Townsman Block meerschaum chaum with plain glossy yellow finish.Individually boxed with protective chamois bag.The Townsman is also available in the new styles.Townsman Crater,Townsman Scallope and NSC.
Twiga (Giraffe Logo )
White elephant (Logos Elephant)

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