London Tobacconist.

Are there any Tobacconists in London with a wide range of pipes?


I’m on the hunt for a new pipe for Christmas, I recently was so unfortunate too lose my pipe bag full of 4 of my favourite pipes and two tins of sam gawith tobacco, as you can imagine I’m a broken man aha…have given it time and now its time too move on and replenish my pipe collection, I have mostly ordered online e-bay, which I’m not too happy with as its always much better to get a feel for a pipe before buying which I’m sure you all agree. There’s only small tobacconists in my area that have limited range of pipes.

Fortunately I’m not a million miles a way from great London town, surly there’s a large pipe shop in the city?…I have searched on-line and its unclear, seems cigar shops are plenty but not so much pipe shops?..or am I missing something.

I hope this message finds you well, and will greatly appreciated any advise!


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  1. Bond815

    Greetings from across the pond,

    Although I reside in the United States, I find it hard to imagine that there is an issue with finding a tobacconist in the UK. Call me niave’ but when I think of pipes, I think of London.
    I would Google tobacco shops in the London area and see what comes up. Than I would call to see what they offer before you take the trip out there. I hope this helps.

    Mike <><

  2. Cowboymachito

    I know your post is a few months old, Christmas has come and gone but for future reference you might be interested in this link.
    Based up in Scotland (not quite London LOL), they offer an excellent service which I cannot question. As for London, I actually live in London but have not heard of any shops relating to pipes. There are many tobacconists but these are not professional pipe suppliers, most don’t even know what stock they hold and are not experts.
    Try out the people in Scotland, you will be treated as a fellow pipe smoker and a human being.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Greenman

    To the gentleman named as ‘polo-neck-jumpers’ I apologise for replying to you so tardily, however, there is a very comprehensive stockist of pipes and all smoking necessities at: Robert Lewis, 19 St James St. London, SW1A 1ES Tel 0207 930 3787. Should they be unable to meet your requirements then you might wish to try either McGaheys the Tobacconists in Exeter (just Google McGaheys and you will find them) They have an excellent service and carry a wide stock, or try JN Barber 20-24 Westgate, Otley, West Yorkshire LS"! 3AS UK Tel +44 01943 462603 or e-mail [email protected] uk. Barbers are one of the oldest tobacconists in the UK and are (I find) both knowledgeable and helpful. I hope this helps. Meanwhile, best wishes, The Greenman

  4. mclow

    The best value pipes I know are available from the Marshall’s booth in the St. James churchyard market, 197 Picadilly, just a few minutes walk West of Picadilly Circus. The Marshall’s own the brand Millville, and their pipes are handmade in London. They sell for well under their real value, and are excellent smokers.

    As well as the tobacconists mentioned in earlier posts, I would recommend a visit to G. Smith and Sons, 74 Charing Cross Road, about ten minutes walk South of Oxford Stree (on the left hand side of the street). They have an excellent selection of tinned pipe tobacco.

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