Long time gone….

I was perusing the Web today and happened to come upon an old friend….PIPES DIGEST. It’s been years since I had submitted anything…I was sitting at the computer doing some research for an article on Linux (I’m a member of a Linux Local Community group) and for some reason, the likes of which escapes me now, I ended up looking at an old issue of Pipes Digest. Drilling down further, I found the issue in which I submitted my first post – issue 181, March 12 1995! Here’s the text:

My name is Mike, I live in Vancouver, BC Canada. I am a self-employed
chimney sweep, who also does a little DTP on the side. I have been a pipe
smoker for about 25 yrs. I have a small collection of pipes, mostly bents,
and all fiercly guarded from strangers <g>! I prefer the bents (either 1/2
or full) as I am in the bush a lot: hiking, camping, running my whippets.
Keeps me in shape, and allows me time to enjoy "the blue" without haranguing
from others. My wife smokes (cigs), and doesn’t mind my pipe one bit (no pun
). As for tobaccos, my pref. seems to run to mediums, with light Latakia or
perique tangs, and Burley/English body. This not only makes for an enjoyable
smoke, but also a reasonably "sociable" one. I have used MacBaren’s quite a
bit over the years, but like to blend my own better than store bought. I
tend to not smoke at work (g), but rather once I am in the comfort of
hearth, home, and bouncing canines. There is limited selection of
tobacconists establishments here on the WET coast, RJ Clark (the best in
town), and Sheffield & sons being the major players. Therefore, I have to
resort to "drug store" smoke when I am out of town and don’t have a supply
of my regular (I forgot to pack it), or want a different smoke, to round out
my palette (this is what I say, my wife says it is AGAIN because I forgot to
pack it!). I don’t like to buy large quantities because I find that it goes
a bit sour on me. This could be storage. I use a glass-lid, bail-wire
closure mason jar, and use a piece of bread or potato once in a while. I
don’t leave the moisteners in too long, so that mould might develop. The
storage temperature is around the 60F mark. Even with this, I still find
that the taste suffers if left for more than a month. If I am doing
something wrong, I would like to hear about it.

>From out of "the Blue",

I’m not surprised to see that the post still survived, but I was surprised to see that finding the post was really not that hard as it didn’t seem to be buried too deep in the bowels of the Web.

Fast Forward to 2011…

I now live in the Heartland of the US, don’t have my whippets any more (I outlived them), am retired BUT… I still smoke pipes and currently, my most treasured one is a Turkish Meerschaum that my son brought back from Turkey while he was in the Navy. It (of course) smokes like a dream!

The most unfortunate thing about current times is that the price of tobacco has escalated sooo much! It’s now a King’s Ransom for me to enjoy my favorite (and only) vice. It is a ransom that I do (albeit grudgingly) pay, however.

As it is a cooler day than yesterday, I think it’s time to head to the back yard, pull up a chair and light a bowl of Black Cavendish/Latakia blend (I blend it myself) and enjoy the afternoon.

From out of "The Blue"…


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