Monday update

Being the granddaddy of pipe websites has its challenges. How to maintain relevance and share information in ways that keeps our current readers informed while addressing the desire to learn by our next generation.

In this generation of social media I have discovered that by jumping in and talking straight to the younger generation fills this gap. I get to better understand those same struggles that we had as beginners are being addressed, not like we had to going to grampa or dad, but, by hitting up google, you tube and yes even online forums and video chats for answers. We can all learn from each other. Yes even us old guys can still learn.

Therefore in the coming year will be adding content and info that hopefully will appeal to the current readership and also address the future.

One of our commenters has suggested that we add cigars to our portfolio. Being that the admins are also cigar smokers we will be adding this in to the repertoire. Cigar reviews, new cigar suggestions, etc.

We have also added a cigar heading on our links page which we will be filling in the coming days. We hope you will leave a comment or two adding your suggestions to this new resource.

Sweet smokes,

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