New to pipe smoking

Hello Everyone,

I have decided I would like to take up pipe smoking, I do enjoy cigars and my wife asked if I would like to try a pipe, after doing some research I am very excited to go and buy my first pipe just wondering what recommedations some of you may have for buying and what tobacco to start with. My price point for the pipe is approx $100.00 . Also what type of tobacco would you recommend for somebody starting out. Last any other helpful tips would be appreciated.



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  1. Jesse Silver

    Hi Dan,
    Welcome to the world of pipes! You have a number of options for the price point that you mentioned. In new pipes you could consider Stanwell, Savinelli, Talbert Ligne Bretagne, Peterson. Brebbia, Butz-Choquin, Nording, and Bjarne amongst others. All are well made popular pipes.
    Your other option is to consider buying an estate pipe and your local tobacconist may have a nice selection. Since these are used and reconditioned, they often go for less than new pipes.
    Once you have decided that this is something that you want to pursue, check out estates on ebay, bur realize that they are often not reconditioned and will require some serious elbow grease before becoming fit to smoke. A lot of good information regarding reconditioning estate pipes is available in the forum archives on this site.

  2. velcustobac

    Hey Dan,

    My personal favorite I would recommend the Savinelli, but I may be biased since that’s what all my friends use (hehe, peer pressure ;). As for tobacco I would suggest Perique, easily a favorite by many.

    I suppose this is a pipe forum and this may be considered irrevelant but <a href="; Custom Tobacco offers custom cigars (basically you get to design your own cigar! Sorry haha I just found this site and am quite excited about it.

    Anyways, good luck with your pipe!


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