New to pipes…kind of

Im a 44 man from western Canada who bought his first pipe in 1986.
But since 1986 I have only smoked pipes on and off and very infrequently. I love cigars and do consider myself well versed in the cigar world. I have recently decided to put more focus towards pipes and maybe even try my hand at pipe making as a hobby. I have a small collection of estate pipes, nothing of considerable value or quality mind you. Of the pipes I own I do have a love for my meerschaums. I dont particularly like the intricately engraved ones, I prefer very plain simple lines. At this point I wouldnt even consider making meerschaum pipes but I do have an interest in beautiful brian pipes.

I like the sweeter milder tobaccos so far, I have really only tried some house blends. Can anyone recommend a mild easy smoking tobacco to try?

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  1. bill phillips

    where are you in western canada, I am in red deer and I have sine briar blockd sitting around, what size and shape dow you want to make, I might be ablo send you a piec ot two to help cause

    bill in red deer

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