Old Dominion pipes

As we welcome tomorrows Cob Tuesday celebration as we do almost every week we will be looking back at a new take on the corn cob pipe.. A few months ago I notice on one of the Facebook groups I belong to that a company out the there Old Dominion Pipe Co. was doing something different. Traditional corn cob pipes like us old timers smoked with reed stems. No plastic tips and no plaster . This notion brought back memories for me.. But it slipped my mind for a while.

I contacted them about a month or so ago regarding their pipes. About a week later I received in the mail a sampling of their wares., a Virginia planter, a laughing king, and a Chesapeake Bay. For the last 3 weeks I have smoked the heck out of the Planter and the king to get a good feel for the pipes.

Not being a lover of aromatics and in order get the full feel of these instruments I have been smoking Virginias and VaPers exclusively . I find Cobs and Virginias go hand in hand.. The integration of pipe and tabac.

The bowls of the pipe are smaller than the Missouri Meerschaum mass produced pipr but for the majority of us a pinky fits into the bowl a ways and if not then a tamper will .work nicely. The cobs are all natural with no plaster and the reed is tightly inserted.

As for the smokeability I have now passed the 50 bowl mark on the planter and other than the normal black scorch on the rim the bowl shows no cracks and the reed is still tight. As any of you know I am a clincher and the mouth tip shows barely any wear.. The bowl has stayed cool hru the 50 smokes so my prediction is it will last quite a whule . Ad For a pipe under 10 bucks that sounds pretty darn good. A bowl of good tabac will smoke nicely for about 20-30 minutes so a nice break smoke.

I recommend any of our readers who enjoy a taste of tradiotnal cob pipes to snag one or more of these bad boys up and smoke the heck out of it..
Their website is www.olddominionpipe.com
Dam fine pipes.
Sweet Smokes

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